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Zari needs to stop using her dead ex-husband for clout

March 17, 2023 at 08:35
Zari needs to stop using her dead ex-husband for clout

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Zari recently took her sons back to Uganda to visit their late father’s tomb and wouldn’t you know it, she didn’t miss this opportunity to clout chase in a rather despicable way! She chose to share her son’s personal moments of grief with the world.

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For the longest time since the passing of Ivan Ssemwanga, she has attempted to cut the image of a bereft widow and it is insane given how their marriage came to an end before she literally clung to Diamond Platnumz.

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Incase you’re too young to know what I am referring to, theirs was a troubled marriage. It is rumoured that Ivan was the jealous type, he was possessive and protective but that’s because Zari was rumoured to be a cheat. It is rumoured she had several affairs, including with a man who leaked their sextape.

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That was a terrible thing to do to a husband and the father of your kids who would open several businesses for her. Then even after she had gotten with Diamond Platnumz, Ivan was still reportedly trying to win back the mother of his children and the woman whom he falsely believed to be his soul mate.

Zari Hassan

Now that he is no more and she is running his companies in place of his true heirs, now that she is the one with the children, Zari wants us to see her as the grieving widow several years on. Oh, that’s right, allow me to highlight the fact that it was Ivan Ssemwanga was raising their three sons as a single father.

That is why his sons are always crying whenever they visit his gravesite in Uganda because they lost their father, friend and confidant. And so you can imagine how disgusted I felt when I saw her take out her phone, record a video and share it with her audience. Zari is such a shit mother she allows her narcissism to eat the mental health of her sons! Let that sink in.

She is now not just using her dead ex-husband for clout but is even using her sons genuine grief. Bad mothers eat their own offspring and we need to stop supporting this nonsense simply because she is a “celebrity”.

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