Zari reveals why she immediately dumped Diamond after January 28th incident with Wema Sepetu

Forget Hamisa Mobetto or Tunda Sebastian, Wema Sepetu is the real reason why Zari left Diamond. The mother of five reveals why she left her baby daddy after he was seen with Wema Sepetu.

On January 28th Wasafi records held an event to unveil their latest signing. Diamond and Wema Sepetu publicly caressed each other at the event sparking all sorts of rumors.

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Video ruins Diamond’s marriage

Zari Hassan has revealed she immediately blocked Diamond after the video with Wema Sepetu surfaced.  Speaking to BBC, Zari says she confronted Diamond about the video but all she got were lies.

“To be honest, his video with the ex ilitoka and I tried to ask. That was the morning before. Alafu, kila ukiuliza mtu anakua na story mingi, hapo hapo nikadecide kumblock kabisa from my contacts. He does things and thinks it is okay with him but he is not thinking about you or the outcome, hapo ndio nikasema you know what? We are done,” said Zari.

Zari further reveals that she had forgiven Diamond for fooling around with Hamisa Mobetto. She however couldn’t take it when her baby daddy reunited with Wema Sepetu.

“I mean, we were trying to see how we can move from the scandal ya kuwacha amepata mtoto so we can move forward. But anakumbatiana huko na ma ex kwenye public. Vitu za kunizalilisha, vitu za kunifanya niwe very disrespected. Ukiamua kua na familia, na watoto na nishakubali wewe ni musician, sometimes you need to take a step back and see that hivi vitu, when it comes to my family havifai. Lakini wewe unaendelea tuu, like…I can’t even explain it,” said Zari.

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