Zari’s Ex-Boyfriend Throws Shade At Her Current BF Shakib- ‘Make Money, Avoid Being A ‘Fala’

Zari Hassan’s ex-boyfriend GK Choppa has waded into the controversy of Zari calling her current husband Shakib a “fala”.

A “fala” is a derogatory term in East Africa that means “broke” or “unsuccessful”. Zari was heard using the term in a leaked audio clip, in which she was belittling her husband for not knowing how to handle international trips.

The audio clip followed online beef between Zari and a promoter over a flopped UK trip. The promoter had accused Zari of taking money and not attending the event she had been booked for. Zari denied the allegations, saying that the promoter had not paid her in full.

GK Choppa, who was dumped by Zari in 2022, took to his Instagram to comment on the controversy. He advised men to focus on making money before getting into relationships.

“Message to all wanna be like choppa,” he wrote. “Make money, avoid being a ‘fala’, and enjoy life to the fullest.”

GK Choppa is a Ugandan businessman who is said to be worth millions of dollars. He was once in a relationship with Zari, and the two were often seen together at social events.

Zari’s current husband, Shakib Cham, is also a businessman. However, he is not as wealthy as GK Choppa. This may be why Zari referred to him as a “fala” in the leaked audio clip.

GK Choppa’s advice to men is a reminder that money can be a powerful equalizer. In a society where wealth is often seen as a sign of success, men who are able to make a lot of money are often seen as more attractive and desirable partners.

Of course, money is not the only factor that matters in a relationship. However, it is certainly one factor that can make a big difference. If you are a man who is looking for a successful and attractive partner, then it is important to focus on making money. This will not guarantee that you will find the perfect partner, but it will certainly increase your chances.

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