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Zari’s young lover denies knowing his alleged 1st wife

January 09, 2023 at 12:33
Zari’s young lover denies knowing his alleged 1st wife

Zari’s young lover Shakib has been maintaing his silence ever since rumor had it that he dumped a young wife to be with 42 year old Zari Hassan; who he seems to be madly in love with despite the many stories surrounding their age difference.

Zari with new boyfriend, King K

Well there are those who claim Shakib looks 23 years while others feel he could be the same age as Zari’s first born son – but who said love knows boundaries or age?

Anyway now that everyone is calling Zari Hassan a home wrecker, Shakib has come forth to defend his woman; and from his post – seems like he feels like everything everyone is saying behind his back is nothing but background noise. Probably because we don’t know much about his past to be judging him for dumping his first wife for his new woman…but again...mapenzi ni ngumu.

Addressing the ongoing beef, Shakib said:

None of these social media s**t matters. Be a solid and good person in real life

Shakib’s allged wife

His statement comes a few weeks agter a lady by the name of Nalule Shamirah aka Mimi shared documents showing she had been married to the guy since 2016…..and now he denies her in public like he never knew her.

Well….lets just say Shamirah pulled this move following the public rejection – but hopefully with time she will accept….I mean, it’s never that serious – nikuoga na kurudi soko.


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