Zero chills! Lilian Muli’s heart-wrenching reply on social media that should warn you on posting ‘unexpected’ comments on her pages 

Citizen TV weekend news anchor Lilian Muli will force you to eat a humble pie if you go off the line. Off the line here means posting comments on her platform that are not well thought through, or those that she doesn’t like.

One Kevin Kinyua found himself in this very position after the heavily pregnant news anchor posted a status on her Instagram page after she talked about her baby daddy and Muli fired back with an expected comment that left many rather shocked.

“Lakini if you’re talking about baby daddy or friends’ pia you know pregnancy brings up emotions that no one can handle. But that is on your friends or baby daddy they should know better that you’re going through a very sticky situation,” said Kevin Kinyua.

Anger Muli

The comment didn’t impressed the Citizen TV journalist making her lose her cool and fire back with some harsh words.

@justkelvinkinyua who told you I’m talking about my baby daddy and what do you even know about me! Pregnancy is not a sticky situation it’s a very beautiful journey tusizoeane priss unless you’ve also been pregnant and you know how stick a journey it can be (first of all what do you mean sticky?) smh,” said Lilian Muli.



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