Zzero Sufuri’s inability to pay his hospital bill raises many questions

Image: Zzero Sufuri

A few days ago, Zimenishika hitmaker Zzero Sufuri was involved in a road accident while he was riding his motorcycle in Kibra.

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He was then rushed to St Peter’s hospital in Uthiru where he was asked for Ksh 70,000, which he didn’t have.

It took the intervention of several musicians who raised funds and eventually, the hospital admitted him after his manager made a down payment.

Zzero Sufuri in hospital

One would think that Zzero Sufuri, who has had mega hits like Zimenishika, Matisha, Matiati, Dondosa, and performed at big events like Koroga would not have a problem raising Ksh 70,000.

Understandably, he has to pay for studio time, video production and cater for his basic needs but to be honest, his inability to pay the hospital bill raised many questions.

One is; are Gengetone artists living in squalor despite having big hits and if that is the case who is trying to swindle them? Do they have shady managers?

The second question is whether Gengetone artists are aware of the sources of revenue that they can take advantage of, other than performing at shows, and whether they are taking advantage of them.

Zzero Sufuri

The truth is that most Gengetone artists just jumped the bandwagon without  knowing the nitty gritty details of the business side of music and to date, many of them have not bothered to find out.

However, I must commend the likes of Boondocks Gang and Ethic, when their careers began to pick up they opted to sign up with international music labels with have really helped them grow.

On the other hand, some Gengetone artists just picked their friends to act like their mind the fact that they know little or nothing about the music business and that is just sad.

Watch Zimenishika below and tell us what you think.

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