Zzero Sufuri’s ‘Zimenishika’ is a masterpiece which should be banned (Video)

Image: Zzero Sufuri

If at all there’s any new-age musician that I hold in high regard then it is Zzero Sufuri. Suffice to say, this young dancehall artist is very talented.

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The first time I listened to any of his songs was in January this year. I came across a song that he had done with a lad know as Kadu as I was trawling the internet one one gloomy day.

The song titled Wase Wase was so good that I had it on repeat for the rest of that day. His style was different. I don’t have a word in mind that best describes it. All I remember is that I kept hitting the replay button.

Zzero released two  other songs after Wase Wase and then, he dropped a jam that will go down in the memories of music fans as one the best songs in 2019. It’s so good ladies and gentlemen.

Dubbed Zimenishika, the song is about smoking weed and the feeling around it. However, if you listen keenly, you’ll appreciate the fact that the lyrical flow was well thought-out.

As you listen to the song, especially the chorus, you’ll notice that it has a small element of mumble rap. Some of the words are almost incomprehensible.

Like the part where he says, “Kiko kwa kichwa kimejificha si ni kimbichwa yoh, si ni kienyewe kiko kwa kichwa kimejificha yoh, kiko kwa kichwa kimejificha si ni kimbichwa si ni kienyewe kiko kwa kichwa kimejificha juu ni kimbichwa eeh.”

Zzero Sufuri

This is my favourite part in Zimenishika. It’s a tongue twister of sorts. I always try to sing along when I’m listening to the song and fail terribly. You should try it too. I mean, why not?

The song’s beat is also superb. It’s a reggae beat with a hint of dancehall. It complements Zzero’s flow. It puts you in his shoes as he was recording the song so much so that you’ll find yourself using your TV remote as a microphone.

The video for Zimenishika was released a few days ago and I have a feeling that someone will one day wake up and ban it, just like they did with Alvindo’s Taka Taka. Anyway, I hope they’ll also see it as a work of art.

On the other hand, I’m hoping the song gets banned so that the world can see this great artist from Kenya called Zzero Sufuri. As you know, banning a song only makes it popular.

Watch Zimenishika below and tell us what you think.

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