Anco – Sitaki Unitag ft. Mr. Blue & Dulayo

February 05, 2018 at 08:48
Anco - Sitaki Unitag ft. Mr. Blue & Dulayo

Anco has another banger out titled “Sitaki Unitag” ft Mr. Blue & Dulayo. Download Anco – Sitaki Unitag ft. Mr. Blue & Dulayo mp3 here:

Anco - Sitaki Unitag ft. Mr. Blue & Dulayo (1686 downloads)


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Khery Sameer Rajab (conceived on April 14, 1987 ) is an artist of R and B and Bongo Flava from Tanzania . He is outstanding for his masterful name as Mr. Blue . He prevailing with regards to ending up more well known with the prominence of the fans and fans, soon after he turned into a performer and his ‘Mr Blue’ melody. Where later it came to be as though it were his masterful name.

Mr Blue was visit with “Mr Blue” tune before he came to get greater ubiquity with his ‘ Mapozi ‘ melody , which has expanded his affection for the verse and voice designs he utilized with the melodic instruments themselves.

Mr Blue was conceived on April 14, 1987, the third of four kids conceived in the most seasoned group of Sameer Alhaji Alhad Ally, a local of Sudan.

His essential instruction was acquired at a school in Gerezani where he graduated in 1999, however he couldn’t complete optional school at Dar es Salaam Secondary School, where he moved on from the second school in 2004.

At the point when solicited what was the outcome from the graduation of optional school, he stated: “Music was what you did when I exited school, yet despite everything I have to peruse and after some time I want to create scholastic advance abroad.” Although in 2014 it came to clear up the difficulties confronting the outrageous TV program, drove by Safe Jabir, to a great extent said the monetary needs were immense and it came when he was constrained either to pick music or school, since music was tackling money related issues, he didn’t have you should pick music

Remarking on the means his folks had taken because of his quit school as a result of music, he says they didn’t ask him since they knew he was only a youngster who was pestering him while trusting he would be late.

Mr Blue started to take part in melodic issues in 1999, and prompted his inclusion in the field with his renowned siblings named The Boy Stain and Obrey, who were engaged with the entire issue of music.

In any case, he didn’t begin singing specifically, however he was simply viewing the music develops, and in 2001 I turned out to be more associated with singing at different ‘Macamp celebrations.’

“In 2003 towards 2004 and he turned out with his ‘Mr Blue’ tune which started to give him fame.

While playing with his tablet, however he didn’t need fans to overlook him early, so he chose to give another tablet that went to the name of ‘Mapozi’, which declared it and made it feasible for those melodies.

Mr Blue whose first collection went for the sake of ‘ Mr Blue ‘ and the second is ‘ All Kheri ‘.

He is likewise thankful to his mom, Halima Rajab, and his dad, Sameer Alhaj Alhad Ally, for enabling him to depend on music. [1] He likewise had relations with his notable craftsman Naj, who lives in London. The relationship kept going a short time and now Mr. Blue has a spouse.


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