Barnaba – Ngoma ft. Aslay

January 10, 2018 at 07:29
Barnaba - Ngoma ft. Aslay

Listen and download Barnaba’s hit titled “Ngoma” ft. Aslay. Download Barnaba – Ngoma ft. Aslay mp3 here:

Barnaba ft. Aslay - Ngoma (19828 downloads)


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Elias Barnabas Inyasi is without question one of the most youthful and most conspicuous and effective lyricists cum artists/entertainers in cutting edge Tanzania. Music Label: Tanzania House of Talent. Music Manager: THT (Tanzania House of Talent).

Elias Barnabas Inyasi (Barnabas) started his distinguished melodic profession in 2000 via preparing for vocals in his nearby church choir. At 17 years old he joined THT (Tanzania House of Talent) with the general thought of turning into a hip-jump artist, in spite of the fact that his principle melodic premiums soon changed when he was given a guitar which he has since loved.

His first tune was “Infant I Love You” in 2007 where he soon understood that he must be unique and remarkable to make it onto the music scene.

Njia Panda” was then composed which pushed him to acclaim and turned into a tremendous achievement.

Barnabas’ fantasies and yearnings are to end up plainly a worldwide star.

Classifications and kinds of music:

Trying different things with an assortment of instruments, systems and classes is the thing that Barnabas does best. As of late, Barnabas got the most music honors at the Tanzania Music Awards with two of his current tunes achieving number one on the music outlines. Barnabas plays the low register guitar, cadence guitar and in addition the piano in spite of the fact that his real ability lies in creating music. Moreover he was voted just like the main arranger in Tanzania. At exhibit he is delivering and composing music alongside verses for different craftsmen. A colossal credit to Barnabas is that in June of 2011 he had composed an astounding six out of twenty best fave tunes in Tanzania. It is because of the help and consolation through TNT that Barnabas’ family life has been changed; moreover with this sort of unfailing help, he should achieve his fantasies after a short time.



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