Bebe Cool – Katono

January 24, 2018 at 09:20
Bebe Cool - Katono

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Bebe Cool (conceived 1 September 1977) (genuine name Moses Sali) is a best African reggae and ragga artist from Uganda. He began his vocation around 1997 in Nairobi, Kenya, yet a couple of years after the fact he moved back to his local nation. Bebe Cool was one of the main specialists subsidiary with Ogopa DJs, a generation house and record mark in Kenya.

Two of his prevalent singles are “Fitina” and “Mambo Mingi”.[1] He additionally worked together with Halima Namakula, an Ugandan veteran lady performer, on their hybrid track “Sambagala”. He has discharged two solo collections, Maisha and Senta. His verses are in Luganda, Swahili, and English.

Bebe Cool is a three times victor of the Artist of The Year Award at the Prestigious HiPipo Music Awards[2] and won a few honors at Pearl of Africa Music Awards (PAM Awards).[3] He was assigned for the Kora All-African Awards in 2003 and 2005. He has visited in the UK and the US.[4]

Together with Kenyan twosome Necessary Noize, Bebe Cool has framed a reggae gather known as the East African Bashment Crew. They have discharged one collection, Fire, and two hit singles, “Africa Unite” and “Fire”. The gathering is named at the inaugural (2008) MTV Africa Music Awards.[5]

In January 2010 he was harmed when a policeman shot at him.[6]

On 11 July 2010, Bebe Cool was performing at the Kyadondo Rugby Club when a bomb set by Somali Islamist fear based oppressor amass al-Shabaab detonated (July 2010 Kampala assaults). As indicated by Cool, “The vast majority who kicked the bucket were simply before me. The impact was so noisy—the following thing I saw were body parts flying over.”[7]

Bebe Cool performed Nelson Mandela 46664 show at Hyde Park London and was additionally named by Nelson Mandela as the 46664 African represetative. 46664 is a battle of bringing issues to light against HIV/AIDS that was started by the late Nelson Mandela.

In 2014 Bebe Cool’s Born in Africa remix melody was voted among Africa’s most prominent tunes of all time.[8] The tune came at number 15 out of Fifty songs of devotion for the African mainland. BBC World Service audience members proposed the African tunes that summed up the mainland to them.[8] This was to stamp the 50th commemoration of the African Union – once in the past the Organization of African Unity, From the recommendations, the BBC’s DJ Edu, who has a week by week African music appear on BBC radio, ordered them into an uncommon five-minute blend of 50 melodies from 50 countries.[8]

He has performed in the Big Brother house twice.

In 2013 he had a music fight with one of Nigeria’s best specialists D’banj in a nonpartisan place Glamis Arena Harare Zimbabwe.[9] The show was sorted out under the topic Battle for Africa Bebe Cool set up an extraordinary execution at the fight.



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