Reggie Rockstone ft. Trigmatic – Daddy (Prod. by Qcee Funk)

June 17, 2019 at 08:42
Reggie Rockstone ft. Trigmatic – Daddy (Prod. by Qcee Funk)

Ghanaian Hip-life Legend, Reggie Rockstone comes through with another legendary tune dubbed ‘Daddy‘ to mark this year’s Fathers Day Celebration.

He however teams up with versatile Ghanaian Rapper and Singer, Trigmatic on a song to commemorate all fathers for their selfless efforts in providing for their homes.

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The song was written and recorded over a decade now and still reflects on the modern day.

With production credits to Qcee Funk, kindly get the mp3 below:





Reggie Rockstone (Reginald Yaw Asante Ossei, “the Godfather of Hiplife”) is a Ghanaian rapper. He was conceived in the United Kingdom however experienced his initial a long time in Ghana in Kumasi and Accra. He has been living in Ghana persistently since he spearheaded the Hip-Life development in 1994.

Reggie spearheaded the Hiplife work of art and has assumed a significant job in the improvement of this exceptionally African type in Ghana’s capital Accra.

He raps in Akan Twi and English.[2] In 2004, Rockstone won the Kora Award for the best African video and he performed before a 50,000-man swarm in Ghana, together with Shaggy.[3]

In 2006 he recorded a track with the Jamaican Dancehall artist Beenie Man called “Chukku Chakka” (in reference to Rockstone’s 1999 hit “Eye Mo De Anaa”, which inspected Fela Kuti).

Rockstone is the child of style originator Ricky “Ricci” Ossei (Saint Ossei). Reggie Rockstone went to Achimota School. Reggie joined Ghanaian hip bounce bunch VVIP following the exit of Promzy in 2014.

Early life and music vocation

Conceived in the U.K. on April 11, 1964, Reginald Osei otherwise known as Reggie Rockstone connected himself to the Hip Hop development in the mid 80’s as an artist. Going on a tri-mainland premise (for example Accra, New York, London), he expanded his Hip Hop scope. A characteristic entertainer and prepared on-screen character, he got the mic with no issue when his calling came in 1991.[6]Daddy

His initial ‘fifteen minutes of popularity’ came as an artist in Accra, Ghana in the mid 80’s. His additional opportunity of notoriety came in 1992-93 as individual from one of the top rap bunches from London, England. He had a place with PLZ (Parables, Linguistics and Zlang) with Fredi Funkstone, Jay (both from West Africa) and DJ Pogo of the U.K. Daddy

Number one hits from PLZ included “On the off chance that it Aint PLZ” and an EP entitled “Form a Wall Around Your Dreams” discharged on an autonomous mark called “Go For the Juggler.” 1994 turned into the watershed or defining moment in his excitement profession. The rap scene in London was not remunerating enough. He came back to Accra to experience an entire age of individuals scoring to African-American rhythms, all intensely affected by similar components of Hip Hop that he knew great.

Acknowledgment and music style

He had a thought! Utilize the hip bounce beats with bona fide phat generation and ribbon it with genuine African tongue; The Akan language of Twi. It turned into the device to make such spread works of art as “Sweetie, Sweetie”, “Tsoo Boi”, “Nightlife in Accra” and “Agoo” from his presentation collection in 1997 entitled “Makaa! Maka!”. Daddy

Propelled on an autonomous mark called KASSA RECORDS that he incompletely claims, Reggie

Rockstone has come to Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians crosswise over four continents[7] Reggie

Rockstone is credited as the pioneer of hiplife or Kasahara music in Ghana and like a few bosses

of the specialty of hip jump, he has announced his retirement and out of retirement a few times. His strength in Asante Twi and is inconceivably knowledgeable in English as well. Daddy

He is globally acclaimed, with a few exhibitions all through West Africa, the UK, France, USA and Switzerland.


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