Werrason – Nande

February 05, 2020 at 19:45
Werrason - Nande

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Werrason - Nande (8182 downloads)


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Aza mumbala, genuine name Noël Ngiama Makanda conceived December 25, 1965 in Moliombo, a little town in Western Democratic Republic of Congo in Kikwit, Kwilu District is an artist from the Democratic Republic of Congo and furthermore pioneer of the band Wenge Maison Mère (WMM). By age 8, Werrason was singing at his neighborhood church, the Protestant Church of Cebezo, Kinshasa. He cherished hand to hand fighting and was a combative techniques champion by age of 12. In 1981 in the middle of his examinations (for a degree in Accountancy) Werrason, and his school companions Didier Masela, Adolphe Dominguez, J.B Mpiana, Blaise Bula among others made a creative melodic band “Wenge Musica 4X4 Tout Terrain Bon Chic Bon Genre”.

Their band Wenge Musica BCBG 4X4 Tout Terrain split in December 1997. Werrason and his two companions Adolphe Dominguez and Didier Masela, made Wenge Musica Maison Mère (WMMM)”, with its base camp at Zamba Playa in Kinshasa, D.R.Congo, with Werrason as head. With most band individuals run with JB Mpiana Werrason and his two companions, needed to manufacture Maison Mère starting with no outside help, with help from various individuals particularly Sankara de Kunta and Zachary Babaswe. Werrason went round the nation enrolling a few youthful skilled artists and furthermore reclaiming some old partners from JB Mpiana’s band. Werrason’s unique band individuals were Didier Masela, Adolphe Dominguez, Ferre Gola, Baby Ndombe, Seseli Adjani, JDT Mulopwe, Celeo Scram, Bill Kalondji, Serge Mabiala, Didier Lacoste, Lay Chou, Michael Shendu, guitarists Flam Kapaya (solo), Japonaise Maladi (cadence), Christian Mwepu (bass), drummers Papay Kakol and Ali Mbonda. His first collection, Force d’Intervention Rapide (Rapid Intervention Force) was discharged end of 1998. His melody “Chantal Switzerland” was casted a ballot Song of the Year, while his artist Bill ‘Clinton’ Kalondji was casted a ballot the best artist. His second collection Solola Bien of 1999 surprised the African music scene. Solola Bien was compensated with the Golden Record in France. Around the same time, his band Wenge Maison Mère was casted a ballot the Best Congolese Group, with Werrason as the Artist of the Year. In June 2001, Werrason discharged his first solo collection Kibuisa Mpimpa, a twofold CD with 17 titles. This was work that had taken him 5 years of planning, 4 months of studio work, and more than 2000 hours of organizations and philosophical reflection back to his underlying foundations. Kibuisa Mpimpa was portrayed as “socially progressive” by spectators of African music. This collection won him two Kora Awards in South Africa incorporating Best Artist in Africa and Best Album in Central Africa. Soon thereafter Werrason gave one of his absolute best exhibitions at a twofold show (two days) at “the Zenith de Paris,” one of the biggest show corridors in France, with a seating limit of well more than 20,000. He likewise visited widely significant European urban communities like London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Rome and Stockholm. Through his melodic developments, Werrason pulls in another open to grasp the dark social mindfulness without being activist. The United Nations have granted him with the title of Universal Ambassador of Peace. In 2001, Werrason was gotten in crowd by Pope John Paul II. From that point forward, he commits some portion of his opportunity to all the UNESCO crusades against AIDS and a wide range of separations, and in battles against early relational unions and advancing training for the young lady kid. Amid his reality visit he imparted exhibitions to extraordinary African specialists among them Manu Dibango who welcomed him in his show at the Paris Olympia. Others were Passi,Doc Gynéco, Benji and Akil who requesting that he participate in their melodic activities. Werrason likewise teamed up with universal specialists like Shaggy. Around the same time, Werrason likewise completed an extensive show at the Stade des Martyrs which was gone to by more than 100,000 individuals. The year 2000 likewise observed Werrason complete a standout amongst his best-ever live exhibitions at Bercy before more than 17,000 fans.

In 2003, Werrason’s melodic vocation took a noteworthy blow when he lost an extensive number of key band individuals. These were his delegate and author Ferre Gola, his main illustrator Bill Kalondji, and vocalist JDT Mulopwe. These individuals left a couple of months after other key individuals (Baby Ndombe, Serge Mabiala and Japonaise Maladi) had additionally left for changed reasons. These previous individuals gathered together and framed an adversary melodic band called les Marquis de Maison Mère. This period corresponded with the time, Werrason couldn’t get European visas for his melodic gathering to go and create his next collection Alerte General and to perform to his fans abroad, who right up ’til the present time stay one of the key wellsprings of income for his band. The next year Werrason went separate ways with his at that point support Bracongo, makers of brew ‘Skol’. Werrason was compelled to, out of the blue, create a collection, Alerte Generale in studios in Congo, which are mediocre in quality contrasted with his favored studios in France. Werrason faced this hardship, remake his band and anchored a rewarding sponsorship manage Bralima, makers of brew ‘Primus’. In 2004, he at long last discharged Alerte Generale a solitary with 4 tracks and after that continued on an European visit to advance the collection. In 2005 amidst exhibitions in Africa and Europe and as he rearranged his band Wenge Musica Maison Mère, Werrason proceeded with work on his second solo collection Temoignage de Miracle a 14-track twofold CD which he discharged mid 2005. It was apparent that Werrason had bobbed bigly and at this point had recaptured his situation as the artist with the most astounding number of fans in Central Africa. That year (2005) Werrason won a KORA grant for the best craftsman in Central Africa repulsing a solid field of contenders including Koffi Olomide. To crown his rebound, Werrason visited his territory of birth, Kikwit, and completed a show gone to by more than 200,000 individuals, and this remaining parts one of the greatest music shows ever in the African mainland. He pursued this by another super execution at Masina.

Consistent with his moniker “le stupendous formateur” Werrason dropped his next single Sous Sol a collection with new move styles, guitar and drums that demonstrated progressive. Relying on his new gifted artists Heritier Watanabe, Eboa Lotin, Miel de child, Cappucino Bogard,solo guitar ace Flam Kapaya, his long-term drummer Papy Kakol, illustrators Brigade Sabatini and Celeo Scram, prepared artists Anya Star, Bibisia Mfwengi, Gisele Yamamoto, Linda Kalome among others, the band delighted in extraordinary achievement and completed various significant exhibitions gone to by several thousands in Brazzaville, Angola, Kikwit, Stade de Matadi, Bukavu, Masina, FIKIN among others.

Werrason united, in 2006 in Kinshasa, with the Jamaican genius Shaggy who, amid a meeting in CNN perceives Werrason as “The best present African craftsman”. The collection Sous Sol was pursued intently by another extraordinary collection Temps Present-Mayi Ya Sika likewise a twofold CD with 15 tracks, in which he allowed his band individuals to build up their singing and piece ability. Werrason is perceived for his capacity and want to advance, support and uncover his band individuals as a method for urging them to later unquestionably seek after their very own performance professions. In that collection Temps Present – Mayi Ya Sika this was apparent as he gave the vocalists as well as even the instrumentalists an opportunity to make their very own arrangements. Heritier Watanabe indeed shone with excellent tunes “Sol demi love” and “Admission Intime”, the youthful vocalists Cappuccino Bogard and Eboa Lotin made wonderful love melodies “Point Carre” and “Bula Wa Yo” separately while his accomplished mi-solo guitarist Corean ‘Polystar’ Acompa, drummer Papy Kakol and Mimiche Bass additionally motivated an opportunity to do their very own pieces. Various previous individuals from Werrason’s Wenge Musica Maison Mère have profited from this sort of presentation and have now gone free. They incorporate Ferre Gola, a high flying previous boss d’orchestra in WMMM who by and by leads a band called ‘les Marquis de Gaulois’, Bill Kalondji, previous artist now pioneer of the band le Samurai, JDT Mulopwe a previous artist with WMMM directly driving Le Marquis de Maison Mère, and Celeo Scram with his symphony ‘In addition to 10’, among others.

Werrason’s next collection Techno Malewa Sans Cess was discharged in October 2010. Making utilization of the mainland style ‘Overthrow De Calle’ and new move moves, the collection got extraordinary accomplishment crosswise over Africa and in Europe, and in it Werrason’s adaptability was appeared. His new youthful vocalists Deplik Filla, Fabrice Energie and Cafe Roum were allowed a chance to star in tunes made by Werrason. Werrason pursued the arrival of Techno Malewa Sans Cess with his enthusiastic exhibitions at a packed’Zenith de Paris’ in March 13, 2010. He later visited Holland, Brussels, Lyon among others. His African exhibitions including at Bukavu’s Stade de Kadutu will stay long in the memory of numerous African music fans. In June 2011, Werrason gave a fantastic execution at Stade de France’s Africa Night close by other Great African craftsmen including Meyway, Magic System and Passi and around the same time discharged a solitary Primus Diata Bawu. His next collection Techno Malewa Suit en Fin is booked for discharge in July 2011.


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