Offering Time is not Blessing Time-Daddy Freeze

Daddy Freeze doesn’t agree with most pastors and is always lashing out his disapproval. Now he thinks offering time isn’t blessing time.

Daddy Freeze a media personality gained more popularity when he started sharing his thoughts on religious culture. Ifedayo Olarinde popularly known as Daddy Freeze hails from Osun State. He is an ace media personality with versed media experience. Daddy Freeze is  well recognized as an On Air Personality at Cool FM.

Daddy Freeze started showing his distrust for the christian church on social media. For some time now, the media personality had made it is duty to reveal the hypocrisy of churches and pastors to Nigerian Christians. He advises Christians not to be gullible but to question their pastors and church doctrine. His assertion on churches always lead to a debate on social media and around. He is not actually a friend of the General Overseer of Redeemed christian church of God, Pastor E.A Adeboye. It can be recalled that Daddy Freeze has lashed the man several times.

His latest post on Instagram concerns tithes and offerings. Tithe and offering in the house of God has always been a hot debate for people. While some people do not question it, others believe tithes and offerings given by the congregation is put to the Pastor’s and leaders use.

Now preacher Freeze has come out to say that offering time is not blessing time which the common slogan is offering time; blessing time. It is believed that when you give to the house of God, you will be blessed. But Daddy Freeze does not think so.

source: instagram

Daddy Freeze believes that blessing is free from God and his son Jesus. He says that blessing is not tied to church offerings and makes reference to scriptures. So do you agree with Daddy Freeze?

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