The Best of Apple Gadgets, iPhone X, 8 and 8s.

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To mark their tenth anniversary, Apple has unveiled the iPhone 8 and 8s, and iPhone X with amazing features and breathtaking innovations to the world of technology.

Selling at four hundred and seventy thousand Naira, iPhone X or iPhone3 10  launches as the anniversary phone of Apple. It features an edge-to-edge display with richer colours, and facial recognition software called Face ID that allows users to unlock the phone without the need for a fingerprint reader or physical home button.

While unveiling the gadgets, Phill Schiler announced that there is an update to wireless charging which is also available to Apple watch. This certainly breaks the world of technology.

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The iPhones 8 and 8s which is an impovement to the iPhone 7 series has the wireless charging feature as it’s major dinstict feature, It looks a lot like the iPhone 7, but it’s now all-glass, and it comes in three colours (silver, grey and rose gold).

There are some new features in this phone, including the True Tone tech carried over from the iPad (it adjusts for the temperature of the light), louder stereo speakers and a new “A11 bionic” chip.

Apple’s also showing off its first ever fully in-house GPU (after it broke with Britain’s Imagination Technologies), and a new image signal processor – the brains behind the camera – with noise reduction and faster low-light auto-focus.

The camera itself gets a new sensor and new colour filter on the normal 8, while the 8 Plus gets two new sensors for its two new cameras, and the telephoto lens gets better in low light.

But it’s the software where the cameras are getting impressive changes: the 8 Plus can now use the two cameras to build a depth map of a portrait photo, and artificially alter the lighting of the images.

Schiller also calls the iPhone the first phone “designed for augmented reality” (that doesn’t sound true, given Google’s Project Tango was explicitly just that, but hey), and shows some AR apps, like a Warhammer game and a baseball analytics app.

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The iPhone 8 will start selling at Two Hundred and Eighty Three Thousand, Seven Hundred and Ninety Four Naira. The gadgets will start shipping from the 3rd of November.


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