Dabota Lawson may have to explain who the father of her daughter is

Do you think Sunny Aku is the father of Dabota Lawson’s daughter?

Ex beauty Queen Dabota Dabota Lawson will be getting a lot of attention as regarding her child’s paternity. Dabota Lawson won Miss Nigeria United Kingdom in 2010 and in 2016 she married billionaire Sunny Aku.

In 2016, the ex beauty Queen left the marriage, accusing Sunny Aku of infidelity. Some months later, Dabota Lawson revealed a new relationship and gave birth to a baby girl. But the ex beauty queen refused to share a picture of the child which she dedicates her time too.

On the 8th of October 2017, the beautiful mother celebrated her daughters birthday in a Moana themed party. she shared photos of the birthday but did not share any clear picture of her daughter. However, Linda Ikeji’s blog shared a picture of the child from a snap chat video of guest at the birthday party.

The shocking thing about the picture of Dabota’s daughter is the uncanny resemblance to her estranged husband Sunny Aku. The picture depicts a feminine image of Sunny Aku.

Who is Dabota Lawson

Who is Dabota Lawson

So is Sunny Aku, the father of  her child or this is just a kind of biological mistake.

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