Eniola Badmus Reconciles with Davido’s Baby Mama

The plus size actress in an attempt to end the beef which started between she and Sophia Momodu on Snapchat, took to the same platform to address the issue.

In a series of Snaps, the actress addressed Davido’s baby mama in what looks like a matured way to end an unnecessary quarrel.

We would recall that the beef between these two who were considered as friends started some days ago when Sophia took to Snapchat to contemplate choosing between Dunkin’ doughnuts which she already had and having another fancy doughnut from Krispy Kreme for dinner. Eniola who is Davido’s bestie then replied in  way which seemed like she was mocking her friend for having cheap snacks.

“Dunkin’ Donut? What happened to Red Lobster, Olive Garden, even Apple Bees?” the actress asked and added, “You’re better reckon with Popeyes. Dey still gat wedges for munch. #BobssLadiesPayBillz”.

The baby mama didn’t take the comment likely as she was quick to fire back at the actress. She wrote, “How you gon be salty cause I eat whatever the Fuck I want and you can’t hoe, I have wayyy too many responsible people in my life. They won’t let me put this fat, salty hoe in her place. Always talking about people and stay kissing their ass. Fool!”

Boss ladies don’t beg for love,” she continued, in reference to Eniola’s comment about ‘boss ladies’, “They don’t beg for D!ck either. Sit you cellulite ridden ass down and be humble.” She wrote.

Eniola however took to snapchat yesterday in an attempt to reconcile their differences. ”Heaven knows I love David with all my heart, base on that I believe everything associated with him should come with love, Davido’s daughter is my daughter and the mother of his child is my sister…… I love you Sophia Momodu I love you with all my heart….. Zero beef we shouldn’t let devil come between us we’ve come a long way…”

She Added

We hope this move settles their rift.

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