”Every Nigerian is Frustrated”- Another Kenyan Socialite; Sheila Wetangula Takes a Shot at Nigeria

Looks like these Kenyans have a thing or two against Nigeria and Nigerians. Last week, it was Vera Sidika, now it’s Sheila’s turn to diss our nation.

In an Instagram post, the filthily rich, Sweden based Kenyan Social media sensation said Nigerians are frustrated. This came in reaction to CNN’s list of World’s most stressful cities where Lagos ranked third most stressful city in the world.

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CNN’s Rating

Sheila Posted the image of the ranking and wrote…

”Been to Nigeria a few times when I was working for Sony and having dated a Nigerian and tried to do business with a few made me question my sanity and my once a month trip to see my therapist became weekly!! I was wondering if there is something wrong with me!! My therapist advised me to stop going to Lagos which from April I haven’t and I am so happy and feel sane!! Now I understand I am perfectly normal!! that country everyone is frustrated!! Everyone likes to shout and I can’t even scream to save my life!! God bless Nigeria”.

Sheila, the daughter of one of Kenya’s top politicians is known for partying and her extravagant lifestyle. She once lashed out on her Nigerian girlfriend whom she claimed stabbed her in the back after taking her as a sister.

Her post bellow…

Could the problem be that these Kenyans keep falling into the wrong hands or that Nigerians are always too quick to play a smart one on their Kenyan counterparts leaving them with a dark marks to always remember Nigeria for?

Whatever the case, we certainly love our Lagos and Kenyans are always welcome no matter what.

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The Third Most Stressful City in the World (Google)

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