Facebook user totally went bunker and says Don Jazzy is Impotent

Image: Don Jazzy

Is Don Jazzy Impotent?

Being a celebrity has not only ups but also some very absurd downs. Our celebrities almost everyday face different kinds of demeaning utterances or actions from people. Such is the case of Don Jazzy.

A Facebook user by the name Queen Dima Ikoma,  posted on her account that Mavins Boss Don Jazzy is infertile. This post has set Facebook on fire since it was posted. Though from a later post, the Facebook user can be seen as someone who is just seeking for attention. After she went on to post that she has had sex with Don Jazzy uncountable times, she later went her ahead to announce that it is a typo error. we wonder how a typo error  could result into four sentences.

Although people address the single status of the Mavins Boss, this lady totally went extreme.

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