Get Rid of that Awful Breath

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Bad breath and mouth odour is considered a turn off for so many and may go a long way in ruining a relationship from the start.

Sadly, people with bad breath or mouth odour often do not know that they  suffer from it. This, unavoidably leads to stigma and rejection in the social arena.

Having someone with bad breath close to you also proves to be very uncomfortable as one has to struggle with the urge to make faces that suggests that something is wrong. The temptation to beg the person with bad breath to stop talkng could also get as strong as it could. Thankfully, the discipline to not hurt someone else’ ego often overcomes the discomfort of having to avoid a person’s speech organs.

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Once you have someone with bad breath in your circle, the best thing to do is to politely let the person know because like said, he may not kn0w he is suffering from that condition and really, no one seeks help for problems they don’t know exists. Once the person is aware of his condition, then he can begin to seek help.

Getting rid of bad breath isn’t a very difficult task but it demands extra attention.

According to research, these tips can help you get rid of bad breath:

  1. Brush and floss often: the first and most important step to take in an attempt to get rid of bad breath is to brush and floss at least twice daily. This helps to get rid of food particles that gets trapped between your teeth  and plaque, the sticky build up around your teeth. They collect bacteria that causes bad breath.
  2. Rinse your mouth out: rinsing your mouth with plain water after every meal will go a long way in improving your dental health. This will help flush out food particles that remain in our mouths after meals. Getting a good mouth wash is also important. please note that the goal is to get rid of the smell and no masking it so while choosing a mouth wash, go for one that kills the bacteria that kills mouth odour.
  3. Scrape your tongue: I hope we all know that brushing our teeth alone isn’t enough? Scrapping our tongue is important as well because our tongues harbour biofilms that needs special attention to get rid of. You will be thrilled to know that our brushes alone are not capable of getting rid of these biofilms, tongue scrappers are specially designed for this purpose but if you cant get your hands on one, use spoon to scrape your tongue after brushing and you will be amazed by what you will get out of it. Also, make sure to change your tooth brush at least once in two or three months.
  4. Avoid foods that sour your breath: there are foods that are certified breath offenders, avoid them! Onions and Garlic fall under this category, no amount of brushing will take it away until it does it’s time.
  5. Quit smoking: aside the health implications of smoking, it also gives you an awful breath so the earlier you quit that habit, the better.
  6. Finally, make sure to book an appointment with your doctor to get professional advice on your dental wellness.






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