Do Guys Really Prefer Runs Girls to Decent Girls?

Image: Decent Girls are always too busy developing herself. Photo Credit: Google Images

Relationship expert Joro Olumofin yesterday sparked an argument when he made a post to state why runs girls always mend up with the good guys.

in his post, Joro stated that runs girls/retired runs girls sadly, always end up with the good guys and eligible bachelors while the good girls wait in vain for average guys.

According to the love doctor, his survey and direct observations from the countless mails he receives daily reveals that ”most men fall for runs girls and girls who have runs girl mindset”.

He took a step further to de3scribe a runs girl as any girl who uses her beauty as a bait to get money from men who most times are older. He described this practice as a more flamboyant way of prostitution, these type of girls are classy and educated prostitutes.

The reason why a successful-eligible bachelor goes for a girl with runs tendencies according to Joro is the fact that a runs girl knows very well what a man wants and how to please him. ”Her body and mind is a moving encyclopedia filled with ways to please a man” he wrote.

A decent girl on the other hand is too busy developing herself mentally and occupationally to allow herself to be occupied with thoughts of how to please a man, instead, she is looking for a man to please her emotionally and romantically, she needs him to be a companion and meet her halfway but men find this this too taxing to keep up with. He added that a decent girl is hard to keep up with as she sets so many terms and conditions fora man to meet and does not have time to treat a man like a king and feed his ego because she knows she is a queen thus she carries herself like one.

A runs girl is free for all, she allows men to run wild and free and does not set any rules as long as she is getting paid and e3njoying all the luxuries that comes with it. A man that has had so many girls cheaply ”will never have the patience to go through the terms and conditions of a decent girl”.

Big Question: do eligible bachelors actually prefer runs girls or would you rather go for a runs girl/retired runs girl instead of a decent girl?



Source: Joro’s Blog

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