Monalisa Chinda advises Women to Avoid Domestic Violence by not Provoking their Men

Image: Monalisa chinda

In an interview with Okey Bakassi on Channel TV’s The Other Side, Monalisa Chinda shared her thought on domestic violence.

The actress advised women to quit provoking their men into punches and slaps.

In her words, ”what I’m saying is that, much as I don’t like, most of us don’t like domestic violence, women should quit provoking their men into punches and slaps and all kinds of things… I always research when stories when fresh stories come up, I always dig in to see what and half the time, it’s always the women. You know, our mouth, God just gave us this very running Okra mouth, we talk a lot… women, don’t fight with people who are stronger than you”.

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The Rivers State born actress has always voiced out to speak against domestic violence having suffered violence herself in the hands of her ex-husband whom she had said in the past treated her with disgust.

she said actresses don’t talk about their sexual harassment experiences over fear of stigmatization. “They keep quiet about it because of their careers. Apart from that, the society stigmatises these women. So you just swallow your pride. When you are outside the shores of Africa, women are heroes for coming out to speak about sexual abuse, but not here.” she added.

The actress noted that she does not like to talk about her experience concerning Domestic Violence.

The Other News, a satirical show hosted by comic-actor Okey Bakassi on Channels TV.

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