Speed Darlington Threatens to Use Charms to Get Women to ‘Blow his Baloon’.

U.S based Nigerian singer, Speed Darlington has registered his frustration, even after spending 20 years in the States.

This was in a video which he shared on his Instagram page. According to him, even though he is a super star, he still don’t get girls falling head over heels for him.

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He, however, asks girls to wait till he becomes president.

Speed Darlington says he will resort to voodoo

He was quoted in the video thus:

I don’t know how hard it is to blow this blom blom. I went from blue to red, still go, no go.
You no get bills? ( He displays the Dollar notes in his hands at this point). ehn? Or the rule change when it’s me? When it’s an African rap star. 
But if it’s Black American, you’ll be running up and down, smacking it on your face. But when it’s me…
Wait till I win the presidency. Wait till I win. All of you will learn. Derereng bit**, derereng.
You better come blow this blom blom, I’m telling you. You better.
How the hell imma spend 20 years in America and I can’t even get a fu**ing threesome? What kind of sh** is that.

Posting the video on his Instagram page, he wrote:

I drive Mercedes and yet I can’t trap girls named Mercedes what about Trisha. I had enough, this gentleman nonesense is not working I’m about to resort to voodoo you girls going to learn.

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