Because it’s Thursday, Let’s Throwback to Some Old Nigerian Music. Part 1

The early part of the New Millennium gave the world of Nigerian Hip Hop a major boost. Here’s a list of Evergreen music from the early 2000s that you probably haven’t heard in a long while.

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For the Oldies

In no particular order, this article brings you memories of the good old days when our musicians gave us good music with low budget videos that we enjoyed with ease and tranquility. This one will certainly leave you nostalgic.

  • Lets start with the crowd puller of those times, a DJ was certainly not a DJ if he didn’t play this one at a party. When this song comes to play, everyone sets their waist to dance in tune with the music. Lagbaja’s Konko Below was certainly one to give us a good dance and I’m sure it will still be a hit for the oldies at any party now.
  • Let’s not talk too much, let’s talk the one that we all loved so much, the one that gave wide recognition to Naija love songs, I mean African love songs. From our living legend, TuBaba, this one will certainly get you any girl you wanted, just know the lines and write a letter…
  • You don hit my car oyibo repeteee…” this one was Tony Tetula’s 2001 hit… I guess you’ll love to go back and listen to this one.
  • …And then we had one that was irresistible, you could dance to this one like say tomorrow no dey. You were probably not comfprtable with the wordings or even the title cus really, no one wants to ‘kolomental’ but we love it when the sound ”ooo o oo o o o kolomental” hits us.
  • In 2006, Zule Zoo came up with one crazy, this one doesn’t need too much story, it is a story by it’s self, no one should forget Kerewa in a hurry.
  • The Koko master himself, in 2006 had some questions for us; ‘Why Me’… in this song, there were other questions like¬†”what’s the Koko” that haven’t been answered.

The list is actually inexhaustible, that is why this is just the first part of it so like they say in our home videos, Watch out for Part 2.

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