A Few Tips on How to Start your Weekend, with Love From Ghafla

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In case you are planning to continue with the same drab routine you’ve always subjected yourself to every weekend, think again!

Because we know that there are over a ton of things you could do to unwind this weekend, we decided to put thus together just for you; asides laundry and cleaning and sleeping and… name them… you can actually try some of these activities to give you a memorable weekend.

I guess you know that your weekend doesn’t have to be all clubs and parties to be a memorable one. whether you are single, engaged, married with kids or without kids, these tips fits for all and the good news is that you can alternate between any of the tips  for different weekends.

As you step out of your work place today to embrace the fresh air of the weekend, try to look around, spot the ‘Aboki’ closest to  you, I mean the suya (barbecue) spot. You see this one, it just has a happy taste; I don’t know about you but I’m yet to see the one that eats suya with a frown, I really don’t if it’s the hot chili taste of suya, or the night time effect or even the smoke I just know that the taste of suya has a magic taste of happiness. Start your weekend with this one.

For the Love of Fridays










Enough of Suya, through this weekend, make sure you eat good food- food is life trust me. Once you have food in your stomach, turn on the TV, watch one of those latest movies in the news, catch up with the trends. If you are single, have some friends over, catch up with the latest gossips (Ghafla sure got you covered on that). The kids shouldn’t be left out on this one, let them watch their favorite cartoons too (not without parental guidance tho), don’t be a kill joy. When night falls and it’s bed time, refer to your media playlist, let good music accompany you to sleep.

If you wish to be extra, take a road trip… return on Sunday and get set for the week.

Remember, the best things in life are free, you don’t need to spend all the money to be happy. Cheers to the weekend from all of us at Ghafla!

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