Today, we are Crushing on One of Nollywood’s Most Handsome…

Meet Obinna Nwafor, A. K.A Saint Obi,  our Man Crush this Monday; the handsome veteran actor who quit acting to chase bigger courses.

Born of the 16th of November, actor Saint Obi (not his real name) was one of Nollywood’s finest actors. Known for his role in Nollywood’s action thrillers, Saint Obi was named the James Bond of Nollywood.

His career started after he did a TV commercial on NTA for Peugeot Nigeria in 1996. The veteran actor who stopped acting a long time ago has starred in over sixty Nollywood blockbusters. He is a singer, producer and a director.

Siant Obi studied Theater Arts at the University of Jos, this is in line with his early childhood dream of becoming an actor. When asked why he quit acting, in an Interview with Dialy Sun in 2010, Saint Obi answered, “As one grows older, you realize that you do not need to be in all the movies. If you have been following my career, as years went by, from doing 10 movies in a year, I reduced it to six. I later reduced to one per year, because I felt that it’s not how many times you appear in a movie but how well you act,” the actor explained.

People call me all the time to come and feature in their movies, but I always decline. My reasons are that, as you move around you have other aspirations and other opportunities appear. In Igbo parlance, you don’t watch a masquerade display in one spot; you have to move around to get the total view.

Any smart person will take advantage of any opportunity that comes, there are a million and one businesses out there that align with what one’s profession. The Dangotes of this world do a million businesses; they don’t stick to one business and become who they are today.

I didn’t stop acting because jobs stopped coming but because I needed to do other things. However, I am still involved in the industry even though it is mostly behind the camera.”

Our MCM was best known for his roles in “Take me to Mamma,” “Festival of Fire,” “More than a Woman,” “Final Whistle” among others.


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