Wiggly Brows: for the slay mamas

So this wiggly brow (or is it squiggly brow) thingy is fast becoming a trend? Well, if it look good on you, rock it. After all, beauty they say is a full time business but please, while you at it, make sure you have you mirror next to you and well, someone that means well to do a double check for you just so you’ll be sure you don’t go out with brows looking like a snake has just done a swift run over your face.

Just like every other trend, wiggly brows is sure going to be a dent on so many faces for the fact that some people will not hesitate to join the band wagon especially the wanna be slay queens.

if this trend lives beyond IG photos, I mean, if ladies decide to live bold to rocking it in real life, then the world has better got prepared for a carnival of funny brows.

Yay or Nay

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Omaku Josephine

Omaku Josephine Ananeyi is a Journalist with keen interest in social reformation, a spontaneous writer, an impulsive reader, and a talker. She currently writes for Ghafla Nigeria. Catch me on Facebook @Omaku JhoJho Ananeyi and on Instagram @Jho_Ananeyi