POSITIVE TRIBALISM: These Are The Top Ten Sexiest LUO Female Celebs In Kenya. I Want To Marry Number 8.

Yesterday,we explored the sexiest KIKUYU Female Celebs in Kenya. And it was fun. Or wasn’t it? Of course it was! Judging by just how many of You read that article….And seemed to agree…In the privacy of your,er,bedrooms?

And now,in keeping up with the tradition,Allow me to indulge you some more…Sexually,Ok,not exactly.

We shall now embark on the same road…And this time,shift focus to the Daughters Of The Nile as they are so fondly known as.

The Daughters Of The Nile are those sexy mamacitas who reside in-or originate from-the famous land that produced the indefatigable Raila Odinga,the Powerful Barack Obama,the mythical Luanda Magere and the legendary Tom Mboya. I am talking,the Lakeside. Or Nyanza pacho…

One thing is common with these Luo Nyanza sisters,they’re fierce,they’re sexy,they’re bad,they’ve got an attitude,they’re fearless and they’re top on their game. Oh,and who can forget,these mamas got ASS. Original,God-granted Ass…No silicone,Nothin’…Just real,raw meat. Tako si tako….

And now,without further ado,here is the TOP TEN list of the sexiest LUO Female Celebs. And unlike with the KIKUYU list,I had much more fun compiling this one…Cuz ,let’s face it,Luos rule tha World…One arrogance at a time! Mayoooooo….

Poof! Here we go…


Who better to start off this list than the World-Famous,Award-winning,Record-Breaking,Awe-insipring and stereotype-changing Lupita Nyong’o? Hollywood’s current It Girl. And the Hottest thing on the Planet? Two years later?

Lupita is not just the daughter of Kisumu Senator Anyang’ Nyong’o but also that girl who won that Oscar and made that history. The Queen Of Catwalks…And the darling of Magazine Covers.

This girl’s Kenya’s best export to the World. We’ve not had a better one. And we probably never will. She’s incredibly beautiful,fierce,fine as hell,talented,sweet,lovable and hot as a mathafucka! Girl leads! The rest meekly follow. Luo name? Nyong’o.



You won’t know just how sexy this mama is until You’ve met her in person. Sat with her and watched her strut her stuff…As I so gladly have. Ahem. Or,better still,You can pick up that Magazine Healthy Woman and catch her on the cover…slaying it with that body like nobody’s business.

Girl’s been in the Industry for decades…she’s been an Editor at Drum Magazine and edited a billion other magazines now. She’s also that fierce,flame-haired mamacita that gets to lampoon fashion criminals on that Citizen TV fashion show alongside mean boy number one,Ian Mbugua.

Carole’s not just a sweet soul…But also a  confident,driven,purposeful,zealous and successful media Mogul. And isn’t that what sexiness really is about? God bless a sister.

Sexy as phuck! And on that Magazine cover,Girl,Oh Girl,Thou slayed it! Daaaamn!


She’s one of KTN’S hottest things for a minute….And she aint aboutta stop. Not with that ass. Not,Not with it.

Besides being quite the melodious TV host,with the coolest smile,business head,sharp fashion sense and calm demenour,Linda also is tabloid fodder…Cuz Girl cannot stop being in demand. Everyday.

Her biggest reason to be on this list? That sure beauty. And,let’s be blunt here,that ass. Nobody’s got a better one. And,bro,it’s all natural. All natural. Bless the Lord…Oh My Soul. Luo name? Oguttu. Vroom Vroom!


Let’s call it like it is…And give credit where it’s needed. Talia’s not your everyday Radio Host. Besides being a Radio Vet,Talia also is that girl who never ages. Her sexyyyyyy voice has floored jamaas for almost a decade now…Hence why Radio Honchos always put her on Reggae shows…And we know WHO listens to Reggae; Guys.

Talia’s God’s Gift to Nairobi Men…And from the look of things,and her evergreen Radio shows,the Men are NOT complaining.

She’s super sexy,absolutely beautiful,got the voice of a nightingale and the allure of a female Lothario…I am hooked. Just like You. Luo Name? Oyando.


Well,well,well,what do we have here!!? I am not-and have never been-a fan,follower,admirer or friend of this Mama. No,Never! I’d hate myself after that. But still,that doesn’t mean that Cabu Gah’s poison cannot be some other guy’s dinner. Or does it?

This girl ain’t shit to me…But to many men…From Nairobi to Kisumu to Mombasa,she’s got it. Yup,she does.

Why,to be blunt…It’s because of that ass. And which jamaa doesn’t love a good dose of ass on a cold Monday morning? Plus she’s sexually provocative…And,even though her weaves are as ugly as a cemetery,still,she pulls them men. And keeps them wanting-and panting-for more. Hands deeply tucked into their boxers…Yes,I said it! Luo name? Anyango.

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She may not be thaaaaat popular…But still,Girl got game! Real game! She’s a singer-very talented one,at that-and an actress and a TV host and a million other things. Oh,she’s also a killer…Men killer.

She’s not controversial,neither is she constantly in the news…But still,she manages to ooze sexiness like sumthin’ else. And keep it classy…Beyonce style.

Nina’s got the voice of a cherubim,the charm of a shaman and the gift of a seraphim. I would bang her. Anytime. Anywhere….So would the guy sitting next to you as you read this article. Luo name? Ogot.


Yes.Yes,Yes,she had to make it to this list! Cuz,guess what,this mama is THE ORIGINAL SEXY MAMA from Luoland. Before all these girls knew how to wrap around a lyric-or a sanitary pad-this girl had been here already. Killin’ it,slayin’ it,murdering it and deliverin’ it. Raw. Real raw.

Mercy’s been droppin’ it like it’s hot for decades now…And even after that hiatus,and lengthy trip to USA,Yes,and that baby,still,Mercy never lost it. She’s still got the mojo,the allure,the mighty voice,the skill,the notoriety and the bad girl image. And that body? Hell,it’s still fit! And hot! As hell. Girl is a pro. A legend. Hats off! Luo name? Ummm,Myra? Haha.


Jehovah! This is the BEST OF THEM ALL! Oh,the Best! Yes,she’s born again and everything lakini still,isn’t she just sexY? Madly sexy? Daaaaamn! She is.

Joyce is my personal favorite. And I could marry her any day,spend the most ridiculous amounts on her and cross heavens to win her. I am madly madly in love with this veeeeery sweet,beautiful,calm,talented,brainy and godly thing! And which man wouldn’t want such?

She graduated recently in the USA. And has the best,best,best vocals in the whole Kenyan Gospel Industry. Plus that smile? Lord,save me now! Please!

Joyce is the Queen…But ameokoka…so….let me tone down the thirst. Luo name? Omondeeee


You probably dunno her. And will die having never known her…Maybe. But still,to her ‘legions’ of fans,this girl is the shit.

First off,she’s as wealthy as hell. Filthy filthy rich. And even though her music’s severely horrible-and nauseating-still,that doesn’t take away her allure. And her charm. She’s bold,fashionable,wealthy,media-savvy,connected,fierce,driven and exciting! And this bitch is a baller! Phuckin’ Baller!

She dresses provocatively(Probably to mask her lack of singing talent) and wines and dines with the Richest and The Mightiest. She’s the Reigning Queen Of Luo Showbiz. Hapo ni ukweli. Luo name? Akothee…I guess.


Adelle’s that super gifted Radio Host at Kiss FM...And she’s not just a radio head only. She also is a singer. Whose actually recorded some pretty nice shit.

Adelle’s also quite the Social Media Queen..With quite the array of devoted internet fans who follow her religiously. Her fashion sense is out-of-this-world. And she isn’t afraid to confront her haters and detractors. And is also not shy to speak about her past,embrace herself,love herself,accept her foibles and even laugh at herself where need be.

And that,to me,is sexy. Plus she’s tall…And brainy. Doesnt that add to her already very decorated sexiness hat?

Willy Paul even wanted to date her. Badly….Ok,Willy Paul is no Vin Diesel but still,he counts,right? Adelle’s fierce..And hot…And sexy…And winning! Luo name? Onyango.

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