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Nhlanhla Matshazi speaks on the power of not giving up

Nhalanhala said being rejected by DJ Euphonik has motivated him to work harder.

Speaking to the Daily Sun on the success of his single this is what he had to say.

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“I come from Pretoria and people from my hood enjoy having fun.

“They would even spend money for rent to have a good time.”

Speaking about Euphonik, Nhlanhla from Tshwane said he was trying to get the DJ’s attention because he once helped a young artist to record the song Tholukuthi.

Nhlanhla, who’s also known as Lucky012, said he was happy that people love his single and was proud that he never gave up on music.

“I became a dancer because of the love of being on stage. I enjoy the attention I get when I’m performing.”

Nhlanhla said music was never part of the plan.

“It was through dance that I saw an opportunity to show my other talent,” he said.

“I’m young and have what it takes to make my name in the music scene.”

“I’m fortunate that I’ve got a personality that helps me stand out and I’ll use that to my advantage.”

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