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Papa Penny is set to welcome his 25th child

Papa Penny is set to welcome his 25th child.

This will be his 25th child to his ever-growing brood.

In an interview with  The Juice, Papa Penny revealed his son is due on March

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“It’s a baby boy. His name is Penny Penny Junior,” he says, adding that he has passed on his own name to his son as a means of keeping his name alive. “I want to see it in his ID at home affairs,” he says.

When we questioned about how many kids he would like to have the 57-year-old tells us: “Whatever God gives me is fine.”According to Papa Penny, as long as he is able to, he will keep having kids. “If I’m still alive I’m making babies.” “I cannot  beat  Zuma, he is still making babies.”

He made the announcement on Instagram saying, “Papa Penny and mama Nomi we are waiting for new baby born his name is Penny Penny.”

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