April 12, 2012 at 05:40

It was evident that hoards of Kenyans, not just in the capital. but from other cities and towns across the country such as Mombasa, Naivasha and Kisumu flocked to Nakuru over the Easter holidays for the annual 10 aside tournament popularly dubbed #NaksVegas.

There’s plenty of reasons why the sprawling Rift Valley town has derived its name from the American resort city, among them being:

– both Nakuru and Las Vegas are seasonal rugby hub getaways for urban folk (i.e The Las Vegas Sevens off the HSBC series, and the Nakuru 10 aside)

– Nakuru and Las Vegas are somewhat ‘sin cities’ when it comes to holiday getaways, debauchery, drinking, spending loads of money and making merry

– both cities are occasionally flocked to by citizens of the countries’ more illustrious quarters for a plethora of purposes

It wouldn not be surprising then that you would find a number of people getting into all sorts of mischief while escaping the hustle and bustle of their daily lives.


Radio Personality Shaffie Weru

Take for instance one radio presenter Shaffie Weru, who we just discovered was KICKED OFF the pitch of the Nakuru Athletics Club, the venue of the 2012 Nakuru 10 aside tournament. We’re yet to establish just what the celebrity was up to, but until then… take a look at the photographic evidence

shaffie weru kicked

Shaffie being given a TIME OUT? (PHOTO: AtiNini)

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