A few simple gestures that scream ‘I Love You’ louder than words will ever do

February 11, 2021 at 00:18
A few simple gestures that scream ‘I Love You’ louder than words will ever do

In February, love gets intoxicating. It’s time to spoil your loved one, and it’s supposed to be an easy endeavor. A lot of times, it ain’t. The simple rule is to make love a daily thing – it then becomes easier to nail it over Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a few tricks to navigate this minefield.

The morning kiss

This speaks concern, and attention. It doesn’t have to be much – perhaps, just a peck to the cheek will do. In a lot of instances, it also serves a message to other members of the household.

Breakfast bites

Once in a while – and, more so in the run up to the D-Day of Love, surprise your partner. Get up earlier, and prepare their favorite snack for the breakfast table.it doesn’t matter how poor your baking skills are – she’ll still treasure your burnt pancakes….

Frequent, subtle hugs

Nothing beats the feeling of love and contentment a girl feels when unexpectedly hugged from behind – in the unlikeliest of places. As she folds the laundry, cleans the dishes – hug her. It’s priceless.

The random texts

Fancy this: You are in the middle of a lengthy, boring boardroom meeting. The phone buzzes and the text reads: “Can’t wait to see you at dinner, my love. I got your favorite wine….” Texts work miracles – she’ll always be in love.


Everyone loves to feel good. Act normal, and, non-committal, say something nice about her morning outfit. If she likes make-up, you’d do well to wonder aloud why she does make up! Every lady wants to hear that she looks nice with or without make-up!

Silly laughter moments

Memes. Yes, memes. Share memes and silly clips on Whatsapp all day long. It’s silly, but it keeps you in her mind all day long. She can’t wait to get off work and see you!

Cards & sticky notes

Sticky notes on the fridge door, with an affectionate message – especially in cases when work schedule makes one leave the house before the other. Sometimes, remind you spouse of your love in a note on the dressing mirror. They’ll melt with pleasure. It’s romantic!

Offer to pay bills

In the event that you dine out, or spend some time in a social place, offer to clear the bill. It shows affection. Demand and be fussy about the bill.

Nowadays, it’s increasingly easier to deal with the bill. There’s a lot of cashless ways to clear bills when shopping, at fuel stations, restaurants or when travelling.

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