Car Shopping: Do You Pick Manual or Automatic Transmission?

When making the choice to purchase a particular car, the gear set up plays a huge role. The choice plays between a manual and automatic transmission.

Each choice has advantages driving it, but it largely depends on the buyer.

Automatic transmission do the engagement and dis-engagement of the clutch on its own. It selects the appropriate gear according to the driving conditions. The driver just has to select whether he has to go forward, reverse or park his car.

In a manual transmission car the driver has to engage and dis-engage the clutch on his own and has to select the gear according to the way he drives.

There are different forward gears rated for different speed. Most modern car have 5 forward gears and 1 reverse gear.

Most car brands in Kenya have either modes in each of their models. What, then, influences the choice between the manual and automatic versions for the buyers?

Presently, the automatic car has gained popularity. It presents lots of advantages – but, not necessarily better.

Automatics cars are comparably easier to drive, demands less driving experience. Moreso, in city scapes with frequent traffic jams, and in the hills – it’s not a walk in the park driving bumper to bumper on a slight incline.

Besides, automatics are extremely reliable with minimal maintenance – no clutch to fry or wear out with inconsistent shifting.

Manual cars build up a strong counter attack in analysis. Manual car driving is definitely more fun. There’s more of a “driver feel”.

You can control shifting better, presenting an ‘all-round feeling of control’ – which, incidentally – appeals to car fanatics and first time car owners.

Besides, the convenience factor comes into play. Manual cars can be started even with a dead battery, by a method referred to as jumpstarting.

Manual car drivers brag of a slightly better fuel economy, and with enthusiasts with access to engine tuning and mods – a better acceleration.

The latter argument (acceleration) depends with the model, though – and, nature of the build – a sports car presents better acceleration than a family van, for example.

Manual cars pale in popularity by the virtue of human skill and experience needed to perform well.

Like, city driving is an hassle. Unlike an automatic, the mental work that your mind does for understanding and deciding what gear to keep the car in to prevent stalling weighs on the driver.

Also, getting the best mileage on fuel economy is dependent on the driver’s experience.

Automatic cars absolves the driver of that headache, especially on long, tiring drives.

For what it’s worth, either transmission in a car doesn’t overly affects performance. This bears on the driver’s experience, and aptitude. It’s prudent to practice on both types of transmission before making a purchase.

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