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Showmax has some amazing sports documentaries lined up for you that are guaranteed to expand the horizon of your mind. And I want to focus on one that specifically targets athletes and specifically, Olympians.

Let’s get into The Weight Of Gold. It is an HBO documentary that delves into the lives of Olympians, from their journey to become the greatest athletes of the world to the actual success and failures at the Olympics and then what life is like after the glitz and glamour of the Olympics come to an end and the doors of the Olympic Village close.

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For athletes who have spent their entire lives focused on winning at their chosen discipline of sports, all they know is to compete and win or lose. Their lives aren’t like yours or mine, they only know competition and a laser-like focus on that one pursuit.

And this documentary on Showmax is all about how children are trained to a degree where they rarely -if ever- develop interests outside winning at the Olympics. Can you imagine what happens to the psyche of the eighty per cent who never get to stand on the podium?

These are the type of questions this documentary answers. The depression that stems from that. And then there is also the depression that comes from being an athlete all your life and all of a sudden, while you’re still relatively young, you have to retire from your passion either because of an injury or your age.

This documentary will make you ask questions you never thought you’d need to have answered. And it features real-life gold medal-winning Olympians such as Michael Phelps, Lolo Jones and others.

And they aren’t too shy to delve into the darker, heavier topics such as suicide among the athlete communities. Because when they hit their lows, they are really low and few people in our normie societies can relate to their pains. And the fact that this documentary is a glimpse into that world makes it that much more fantastic.

All that glitters isn’t gold and even when it is worth its weight in gold, the price can sometimes be too much.

Make sure to catch The Weight Of Gold on Showmax.

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