Did you know that a Co-op Kwa Jirani agent offers the exact, same services available at any Co-op Bank branch?

The Co-op Kwa Jirani banking model is meant to suit your lifestyle and offer convenience, by bringing banking services to your door step. There’s absolutely no need to schedule a trip to town to seek banking services at a Co-op Bank branch.

You are a farmer delivering milk to clients in the morning? You can conveniently bank at the local grocery who’s a designated Co-op Bank agent.

Running a busy salon and you hardly got time to visit a bank to deposit cash? Visit the Co-op Kwa Jirani agent next door.

It’s really convenient, and safe.

The pickle on the pie is that Co-op Kwa Jirani agents doesn’t exclusively major on Co-op Bank clients only. The services include clients affiliated with Sacco’s, Fethalink and all Kenswitch-affiliated banks.

What are the services you can access at the local agent?

  • Cash Withdrawals – From Co-op Account / SACCO Account / Fethalink)
  • Cash Deposits – To Co-op Account / SACCO Account / Fethalink)
  • Funds Transfer – To Co-op Account / SACCO Account / Fethalink)
  • School/College/ University Fees payments – client can pay via cash or using a Co-op Visa Card)
  • Utility Bills Payment: KPLC bills, Water bills, Cable TV bills, etc.
  • Account balance checks – Co-op Account, Sacco Link account, and KenSwitch affiliated banks)
  • Account mini-statement – Co-op Account, Sacco Link account, and KenSwitch affiliated banks)


Other Payments that Co-op Bank clients can make at a Co-op Kwa Jirani agent include:

  • NHIF Payments
  • County Payments
  • Other Government Payments e.g. KRA

Is there a limit on the amount you can transact with an agent?

This depends on the transaction in question. Here’s are the parameters:

  • Cash deposits – No limit.
  • Cash withdrawals – Ksh 100,000.
  • School fees payments – No limit.

To learn all about Co-op Kwa Jirani visit the online portal, click here. Alternatively, visit the nearest Co-op Bank branch – the bank staff will be ready to sort out any queries.

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