How Do You Know it’s Time to End a Long Friendship?

The tired phrase “We’ve known each other a long time” is not a good reason to stay friends with someone. In a way, you never end a friendship, the friendship fizzles out by itself – a slow, agonizing death.

It’s a thorn that has been pricking flesh for eons – testing family ties, business, and ruling alliances. So much, that Aristotle would pen a candid essay titled “On Friendships”, that tables a 3-pronged ‘friendship-meter’ system:

Friends hanging out in the hood (file image)

Pleasure Friendships:

This kind is fickle, and superficial. These are the people in your gang – often meet up at the local for a fun drink or the mbogi that call you for the soccer derby.

This group will easily pool resources for an odd road trip out of town – but, not pool resources to pay a member’s hospital bill. But, they hardly know your family, kids or what business you do – if you are in business.

If you don’t turn up for Karaoke Wednesday, and miss a couple more – they’ll move on without as much as a call.

Useful Friendships:

Well, this is based on material benefits. It may be work-based, same employer. It may be business-oriented, same business circles.

It’s loosely principled on money, special favors – perhaps, you work in a firm that offers periodic gifts or vouchers that someone leeches off.

This suffers a blow, when one of the parties is no longer as useful. Do not invest emotionally in it.

Virtuous Friendships:

It’s ideally grounded by a common desire for good, and prosperity. It’s all rounded – family, business – and often generational. College friendships may grow on, to form family-level bonds.

However, when the friendship cookie starts to crumble, it leaves a bigger emotional mess in its wake.

The secret for longevity lies in making efforts to nurture it. There are tell-tale signs, however, when a friendship has outran its viable phase.

Here are two common reasons most friendships die a slow death:

Social Status

Friendships are built around social circles. A promotion at work may come with a sudden change of income. A friend moves into an upscale neighborhood, hanging spots……

Slowly communication starts to fade and die out. Little effort is made to call, meet or share an evening as you used to.

If a friend starts to miss important family dates or events you previously marked, well – that’s a sign.


This is crucial in a friendship. Tight friends are usually up on each other’s call logs, social media timelines and frequent meet-up’s.

Theme nights are a thing – Karaoke, Fun Fridays….. then, it dies out.

When you try to call or chat, the other is busy, or driving, or cooking – and, can they call you later?

That ‘Call you Later, Bestie’ happens a few weeks down the line. You are alone in that friendship.

Well, it’s apparent that communication nurtures the bond in every friendship. It matters, too, how heavily friend banter weighs down on their respective budgets.

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