How Vera Sidika funded her vast multi-million shilling empire

April 26, 2022 at 13:24
How Vera Sidika funded her vast multi-million shilling empire

Vera Sidika has been a feature within Kenyan pop culture ever since she first featured as the video vixen on P-Unit’s breakout single, You Guy. Since then, she has been a mainstay in every entertainment publication and we have seen her go from being broke and ashy to actually becoming fabulous (pesa ni sabuni).

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But the question that has eluded many is, “How did she make her millions”? We saw her go from being homeless to her owning mansions and driving the most exotic and luxurious cars. But what was her secret?

It is a lot more simple than you would even believe. Think of Occam’s Razor on this one. Rather than having grand conspiracy theories of how everything played out, I am here to tell you precisely how Vera Sidika achieved her wealth.

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She set up a channel for herself to sell supplement products and herbal teas. It sounds too simple to be true right? It isn’t. She new she had the envy of nearly every woman in Kenya and East Africa. They all wanted to look like her and she knew it. What makes her stand out from most celebrities is the fact that she realised she could monetize this fact.

Vera Sidika was essentially the first female celebrity to venture into the wellness and cosmetic business before anyone had thought it lucrative.

And so she began selling the generic options but as her money grew, she decided to brand them so she could create a sense of affiliation with her target market. And the business took off!

But how does she get her products? It actually isn’t too difficult; she gets the generic product from China and has them customized. It is a pretty straightforward endeavour with the marketing aspect being the more difficult bit of things. But with her star power, Vera Sidika has got that covered.

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