Huddah’s big money play that made her a Kshs millionaire

April 06, 2022 at 13:23
Huddah's big money play that made her a Kshs millionaire

Huddah Monroe is not exactly known to be a luminary in any academic field but when it comes to business, you have to sit down in awe of her acumen. She saw a niche in the market and exploited it in such a commendable way, no Kenyan since has successfully repeated her moves.

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You see, she runs a cosmetic company, started off with her “lippies” which is basically lip gloss and has now been steadily expanding it to more variety in products, recently announcing she was now selling probiotic skin tonics and beauty soaps.

And this is no mean feat for a woman who came from the bottom dregs of society, a woman who for a long time had to depend on men to pay her way through life especially after she had experienced her glow up. She was a socialite for heaven’s sake. Huddah’s story just goes to show you that you too can change your circumstances.

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And now she’s the Star Gal who found an opportunity I am willing to tell you about so that maybe you too can follow in her footsteps. Did you know that you could go to China, identify a manufacturing plant creating beauty products and actually create your own brand from their generic product?

Look it up online. Or better yet, if you’re tight for capital, Alibaba has you covered. All you have to do is identify a brand you feel is actually of good quality and then begin to engage a company to handle your branding OR have the manufacturing plant handle that too for you. And that is the route Huddah took.

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With the former video vixen slash socialite slash provocateur, she was lucky enough to have a great eye for quality so she discovered something in a sea of options and as a result, almost all Kenyan women praise her products for their quality.

And how can you too get started and get your own line of beauty cosmetics going? Well, outside of the whole razzmatazz of creating a company and registering it, Co-op Bank has a product just for you! It’s called Chapa Pay.

Co-op Bank now runs an online card payment solution to make your business thrive at no extra cost. If you conduct business on digital platforms, you can receive online card payments from your customers.

You can accept payments from any location on the globe without a check-out platform integration or website.

Co-op Bank offers online payment solutions to businesses, giving them room to expand and venture across the borders. They are providing a secure and conducive platform to conduct business.

Here is a step by guide on how the online payments solutions work:

  • A business owner registers with Co-op Bank to get a unique link known as Pay-By-Link, which they use to invoice their clients.
  • A potential customer contacts the business owner and agrees on the desired good or service pricing.
  • Next, the business owner will send the unique payment link to the client’s emails address.
  • The customer receives the unique link via email. Upon opening the email, they are directed to a portal to input their card details and process the payments.
  • The trader receives a notification via email and SMS with the details of the payments.
  • If the customer has subscribed to SMS alerts with the service provider, they receive a notification informing them of the purchase.

How Ecommerce Solutions Work for Businesses With Mobile Apps and Websites

For businesses that have adopted mobile application (APPs) and web check-out platforms, the Pay-By-Link solution optimizes their operations and efficiency by offering a payment solution that provides the following to its customers:

  • Reliability: Once adopted by a business, the solutions operate 24/7.
  • Simplicity: Pay-By-Link solutions are easy, quick, and easy to implement.
  • Convenience: Customers can overcome geographical limitations and purchase goods and services from any location on the globe.
  • Safety: Co-op Bank eCommerce solution comes with a data security standard compliant payment card that ensures customer data security and safety.
  • Customer experience: Customers get 24/7 support with a dedicated relationship manager on standby.

What Are the Advantages of Co-op Bank Pay-By-Link Ecommerce Solution?

Small scale traders benefit a lot from the eCommerce solution, for they level their game with established businesses that have long dominated the eCommerce sector in regional and international markets.

Here are ways how small business owners benefit from the online payment platform:

  • Small and established businesses do not incur costs when onboarding the Pay-By-Link online solution.
  • All card payments come secured with two-factor authentication via 3D security protocols. Customer data and privacy are top priorities.
  • Dispute resolution is simplified. If a customer pays over the actual price, the seller can initiate a reversal of the payments from his end.
  • The hustle and bustle of involving the bank to mediate between the buyer and seller avoided making transactions more efficient.
  • Businesses have a secure platform to process their payments. After making a payment, a customer cannot initiate a reversal for the purchase made. The platform protects small businesses from theft.
  • The platform offers an avenue for accountability. A business owner can track transactions to view and reconcile payments in real-time via a single dashboard.

As an investor, you can now enjoy the benefits of cross-border trade as you transact on a safe, reliable, and efficient platform to grow your business.

Sign up for Pay-By-Link by Co-op Bank and go global today.


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