It’s Jackpot season and Betsafe’s Ksh.100M Super Jackpot takes the crown

Leading gaming brand, Betsafe Kenya, has launched a lucrative product, the Super Jackpot, which has a Ksh.100M prize. The brand has been on the rise since it set shop in 2020 and has added the Super Jackpot to its portfolio of jackpot products.

The Super Jackpot, which has an entry of Ksh.80, allows punters to wager their bet on three markets, home win, draw or away win, on 17 games for a chance to take home Ksh.100M.

The Super Jackpot, which was launched on Monday, 9th August, was met with rave reviews by punters who commented that the games were fair and the Ksh.80 stake was reasonable.

The Super Jackpot awards punters with bonuses when they correctly predict 12-16 of the games. Betsafe introduced a twist with the awarding of a unique bonus to players who get none of 17 predictions correct.

Speaking at the launch of the Super Jackpot, CEO, Victor Sudi reiterated Betsafe’s intent of introducing innovative products that players could enjoy. “The Super Jackpot is our latest product entry and as we’re happy to see that players have taken up to it and we’ll hopefully have a winner soon.”

“We’re a fun and exciting brand. We want to radiate the same energy to our customers and ensure they get the best possible products in the market,” commented Mavin Waganda, Betsafe Kenya’s Head of Marketing. “Football is back and we’re here to make it our customers’ season as well.”

The Super Jackpot, which features top games from European leagues is available on every week.

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