Mozzart commissions a multi-million shilling fresh water point for the people of Murang’a

Statistics show that water-borne diseases affect thousands of people mainly in rural areas and this is what Mozzart company hope to eradicate by providing fresh water points.

Leading gaming company gifted the people of Muranga a water borehole at Mungu-ini Primary School!

The water point, which was built at a cost of slightly over Ksh.3m, is the seventh in Mozzart’s “100 Wells for Our Communities” project.

It was officially opened by Commissioner Wambui Nyutu, who’s is the Vice Chairperson of the National Cohesion and Integration.

“It is a new dawn for this school and the entire community. We now have plenty of water and that’s a blessing since we had a very huge challenge on that front. We used to pump water from the river and that was an expensive venture,” Mungu-ini Secondary School Principal Mrs Wanjiku Rosaline said.

“We also had a hygiene challenge especially during this covid-19 times but now with this water project we are now fully covered. Our agriculture students too had a huge challenge but with the borehole we are assured they will perform well as they will run their projects well,”

“We had regular conflicts with villagers due as we all haggled for water in the river but that’s a thing of the past and we will now actually the community with water. This is a project that is here to stay and we are very grateful to Mozzart, this society will forever remember you.” She concluded.

Mozzart Country Marketing Manager Sasa Krneta highlighted the organisation’s commitment to supporting Kenyan communities.

“I am privileged to open this wonderful water project today on behalf of Mozzart and we are very grateful to the community for welcoming us. This is our 7th water project having launched six others in different counties under our 100 Wells for Our Communities project.”

“We are very passionate about changing the lives of Kenyans and enhancing the quality of life in the communities and we therefore hope this project does the same for the people in Munguini and its environs,” He added.

Mozzart is involved several other community-focused projects like New Jerseys for New Champions which equips local sports teams.

The company is also very involved in supporting local hospitals in the fight against covid-19 by donating crucial medical equipment.

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