National Schools in Kenya with the Most Creative Motto Phrases

May 19, 2022 at 17:32
National Schools in Kenya with the Most Creative Motto Phrases

Is it possible that a school’s motto has an impact in the overall turnout of its alumni? Oftentimes, this slogan is drilled into young entrants every morning at parade.

It’s like an indoctrination phrase into the school’s culture. It’s plastered in bold on every available space from school’s entrance, stationery, to blazers and shirts.

A school’s motto is an organ of pride, in every alumni association meet. It creates an addictive euphoria that stirs fond memories! Here’s a random list of 10 most creative motto phrases!

Meru School entrance in a past photo (file image)

Meru School: In Understanding, Be Men

A cursory perusal of history books sheds some light to the origin and relevance of this motto. Meru School is presently commands mention as on the country’s glorious institutions.

But, it’s grown from a humble existence, since inception in 1956. It’d grow, from learning under trees – drawing male students from the larger Meru and North Eastern Provinces – regions known for volatile temperaments.

They’d often be protests, due to harsh learning and living conditions. To counter this, the missionaries coined the phrase: In Understanding, Be Men!

Machakos School: ‘Ui wi Mbee’

The phrase ‘Ui wi mbee’ is an ode from the local language Kamba, which loosely translates as ‘Wisdom ahead’. The school is central to the regions cultural and social dynamics, and has historically produced some of the country’s most iconic figures straddling politics, academia, industrial and other fields.

The phrase is unique, as it’s a derivative from a local language, as opposed to schools with phrases from foreign languages.

Mang’u High School: Jishinde Ushinde

The name Mangu rolls off the tongue as a strong bragging high school favorite. Their motto, in Swahili – “Jishinde Ushinde” is simple, catchy. It loosely translates to “Conquer Yourself to Conquer” in English.

This is an ideal demonstrated in the school’s stellar performances, over several decades. It also helps that the school only admits the country’s best performers in KCPE.

Nairobi School: To the Uttermost

Well, in everything you wish to do, do to your uttermost. Give all it takes. There’s no holding back. I’d imagine the phrase ‘To the Uttermost’ would be an apt rallying call for an advancing army, and would be very encouraging to high school students.

Beyond high school, Nairobi School’s alumni would still find power and resolve, as they face cut-throat corporate and entrepreneurial sectors. It defines excellence.

Nairobi School – To the Uttermost (file images)

Kenya High School: Servire est Regnare

The Latin Phrase ‘Servire est Regnare’ is shared by Groton School, a private boarding school in USA. The English translation, as often occurs with complex Latin, several outcomes. But, in essence – “To serve is to rule”, or “For whom service is perfect freedom”

Kenya High is one of the best performing national schools in Kenya, and has very tight admission requirements. Only the country’s top KCPE performers attain admission.

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