`Some problems take creative solutions, others need you to simply know a guy…

June 03, 2021 at 07:25
`Some problems take creative solutions, others need you to simply know a guy...

The long weekend came and went. I and my boys had a plan to go on a road trip. I have never been to Kakamega and I wanted to see what its like there. Just kidding, I simply wanted an excuse to get away from Nairobi and enjoy a polite plan with my boys.

I handled the planning because I am very good at logistics. Well, to keep it a buck, my friends say I am anal about details. So that means I had to factor in the vehicles we were using and find out how much it would cost to fuel them too and fro.

It also meant that I was in charge of coming up with the simple drinks and food budget and we had decided to go to my friend’s father’s home in to have a BBQ. But the best thing about planning is I was the go-to-man for all the itinerary and Lord knows the man with a plan is sexy to the ladies.

So I hit them up and we made our plans rock solid. Funny how things like these usually go… Whatever can go wrong will and unbeknownst to us that was precisely what was about to unfold.

The journey began swimmingly. We were on the road by 8 am and everyone was in high spirits. There was no need to rush so we decided on taking the scenic route -all three cars. I hadn’t bought the meat but that wasn’t too big a concern because I figured we would get it in plenty up ahead.

The drinks were in abundance and so were the snacks. Best part? i had called shotgun and the aux cable was mine to command. It was a chilly morning but the sun was already on the horizon as we drove on. All the cars had been serviced and for once even the stingiest of my boys had agreed to contribute for his part of the bill without even a whisper. Everyone had cabin fever from all these lockdowns so we were all raging to go.

The traffic wasn’t too heavy and we were in Naivasha in two hours thirty minutes. We stopped to touch base and I even switched cars and while I lost my aux cable privileges, I got Bluetooth privileges so it was still my killer Spotify playlist we were jamming to.

Nakuru was a breeze although getting there we were hampered by all the potty breaks everyone was taking. Still, we were making decent progress. We got to someplace just past Eldy and that was when all hell broke loose. At some area called Kapsabet, the guy driving the lead car didn’t notice how deep one particular pothole is and he struck it so hard, he messed up his front passenger tire.

That, ladies and gentlemen, was when all hell broke loose.

There we were, in the afternoon sun and one car was busted. None of us speaks Kalenjin and most of us were freaking out.

Everyone was calling everyone they knew and trying to get help. Eventually, some guys on a bodaboda came and offered to help us get mechanics. But the car either had to be towed or flat bedded. And yes, It was a damned BMW! Anyway, what we had between us wasn’t going to be enough for us to do everything that needed doing. That was when it hit me, I can get a salary advance, cover the difference and my boys will pay me back at the end of the month.

So that is precisely what we did. We decided to let the ladies get into the remaining two cars and go on ahead and we would catch up with them once the job was done.

Sema kuokolewa na Co-op Bank!


So what exactly are the features of the Flexi Cash Salary Advance?

  1. Borrow from Ksh 3,000 to a maximum of Ksh 100,000
  2. Recovery is done within 1 to 3 months
  3. No security needed
  4. Instant processing
  5. No facilitation fee, if you apply via MCo-op Cash

How do you access Co-op bank’s salary account loans?

  1. Open a salary account with Co-op Bank
  2. Copy of KRA PIN

And while the rest of the day was gone, we still managed to salvage most of the plan and we had a good time and the best part about it was we have a story to tell. I or one was happy that despite all the calls that were placed to help us save the day, I was the only one who knew a guy… Co-op Bank was my guy. Find out more by clicking the link here.


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