What are the online banking options available to a business owner in Kenya?

A secure system that allows online payments for business is a major concern for discerning business owners.

There’s pressing need to go cashless in the digital age, and on this front, Co-op Bank leads the pack.

Co-op Bank has an innovative online banking platform that has won accolades across the banking spectrum for its reliability, security and versatility.

A business does not need a website to enjoy benefits of online banking.

Online card payments
Boost your sales by integrating into our online card payment solution to receive card payments from customers from different banks and from anywhere in the world.

These are Co-op Bank ATM’s, Debit or Credit Cards. All payments for purchases or goods delivered can easily be checked off by swiping these cards.

With card payments, it’s easier to track stock levels, and enjoy an easy check out flow.


This is a device that refers to a payment terminal accessed by Visa cards to make electronic fund transfers. They are common in malls, supermarkets and fuel stations.

POS stands for Point Of Sale in a business outlet. PDQ stands for ‘Process Data Quickly’.

Co-op Bank avails PDQ/POS machines to their clients. These machines greatly boost sales by enabling them receive card payments from customers from different banks.

A trader enjoys timely reports, easier tracking of income and expenses.

Lipa Na M-Pesa Till Number

Co-op Bank provides this service in partnership with Safaricom M-Pesa service. The bank offers to process a till number for their client’s businesses, at no charge.

This helps a business to receive cashless payments via Lipa na M-Pesa Till Number – usualy displayed at payment point at the business premises.

The money clients pay through the Till number is deposited directly into the client’s Co-op Bank account.

The payments paid into the account can be accessed anytime via Co-op Bank’s mobile banking platform, ATMs, Co-op Kwa Jirani agents, Internet banking or at any branch across the republic.

M-Pesa Paybill 400200

Co-op Bank’s official M-Pesa Paybill number – 400200 – enables a trader to receive payments directly into their Co-op Bank account.

The money reflects into the account immediately. One can also check for the payment confirmation via mobile banking or internet banking platforms.

Alternatively, one can receive notifications via text if they have subscribed to the MCo-op Cash SMS notifications.

The funds are accessible anytime via the banks’s mobile banking platform, Co-op Kwa Jirani agents, ATMs, Internet banking or at the branch.

M-Coop Cash

This feature is not limited to business owners, but to everyone with a Co-op bank account. It’s applicable to all needs that require exchange of money.

Encourage colleagues, family members, clients or business associates who have Co-op Bank accounts to send money directly account using the MCo-op Cash App or via USSD *667#.

How does a business boost sales?

  • Easier tracking of expenses.
  • Timely business reports.
  • Easy check out flow.

Instant payment confirmation via SMS notifications or via internet banking platform.

Payments are deposited into Co-op Bank account – easy access anytime via mobile banking platform, ATMs, Co-op Kwa Jirani agents, internet banking and at the branch.

How does a client register for Co-op Bank online banking?

You can log in and transact using any internet-enabled device including mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Registration is INSTANT and FREE of charge. All you need is your National ID and any of your Co-op Bank ATM cards. Click here to register.

You’ll create your own username and password, which you can re-set anytime in case you forget or feel the need to change.

Every time you log in or do a transaction, you’ll have to enter an OTP (One Time Password) which is sent to your mobile number or email address.

This is a security feature Co-op Bank has in place to keep accounts secure.

How the Back-to-School week made us the Best Behaved Kids on the block

In a few decades, I’ll be old enough to share a whisky with my old man. He’ll then be retired and, hopefully, pleasant.

Everyone becomes pleasant upon retirement, what with grandchildren stealing their walking stick and stealing fried eggs off his breakfast tray.

I’ll choose a chilly July evening when the fireplace in his study is lit, and he’s swathed in layers of woolen scarves and knitted leg warmers.

I’ll be grown, and making my own money – which means his twirled moustance won’t twitch when I stride over to his whisky cabinet and grab the oldest Scotch.

I’ll settle in the wicker chair next to his ageless leather coach. I’ll stare into the fire for a moment, and say nothing.

If you know my old man, his mind will be in a turmoil. No one walks into his study, grabs a whisky – without something important to discuss.

His mind will be on overdrive:

Has this guy finally made a decision to marry some Daughter of Eve?

Has this guy decided decided to demand his share of non-existent inheritance to sell off and travel the world and return like the Prodigal Son in the Bible? I’ll skin him alive.

After an eternity staring into the fire, I’ll remind my old man of our Back-To-School Dance.

This dance began a few days to the opening of schools. It was subtle, and a guest into our home wouldn’t notice – but, it was there, and lethal.

One, it would need me to be on my best behavior. Best behavior is perhaps, an understatement. Let’s roll with exemplary.

If a guest offered me hard-to-come-by pocket money as it was the norm in those days, I’d have to politely decline. I would spend a few sleepless nights after that to get over it.

At the same time, I’d be expected to fully keep them entertained, sometimes,up to,and not limited to actual dancing.

The last week to opening, I’d have to wake up at the crack of dawn to attend milking classes. To be honest, I loved animals – what I didn’t like is leaving warm covers to brave the chilly fog, and the trek to the dairy to make delivery.

All this while, my old man would be keeping tabs.

If this dance went well, father would treat me very well on the back to school day. We’d visit the local supermarket, and I’d have the run of the aisles.

I would have free reign to pick even the ‘luxuries’ – sugar, margarine, roll-ons, scented note books, et al.

On the flipside, it’d be rough.

Father would say: “Umekuwa kichwa ngumu. Enda ufunzwe na ulimwengu”.

That meant shopping is limited to the bare essentials: Bar soap (no toilet soap), tooth paste and shoe polish.

Well, how times have changed.

Present-day kids hardly get to endure the Back-to-School Dance. It’s a straight run to the shop for the essentials.

As it is, it’s advised to go cashless when shopping, partly due to health concerns with handling cash, security and a bit of ease in accountability.

Most shoppers have chosen Co-op Bank as their financial partner for a sound reason. The Co-op Visa card allows flexibility, safety and convenience when shopping.

To pay for Back-to-School shopping with a Co-op Visa card has no extra charge!

It’s as good as paying cash, only safer and more convenient

You can use it to pay for goods and services wherever you see the Visa Sign, and there’s no extra charge – the only deduction is the cost of the item or service you are paying for.

Nothing more.

A few simple gestures that scream ‘I Love You’ louder than words will ever do

In February, love gets intoxicating. It’s time to spoil your loved one, and it’s supposed to be an easy endeavor. A lot of times, it ain’t. The simple rule is to make love a daily thing – it then becomes easier to nail it over Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a few tricks to navigate this minefield.

The morning kiss

This speaks concern, and attention. It doesn’t have to be much – perhaps, just a peck to the cheek will do. In a lot of instances, it also serves a message to other members of the household.

Breakfast bites

Once in a while – and, more so in the run up to the D-Day of Love, surprise your partner. Get up earlier, and prepare their favorite snack for the breakfast table.it doesn’t matter how poor your baking skills are – she’ll still treasure your burnt pancakes….

Frequent, subtle hugs

Nothing beats the feeling of love and contentment a girl feels when unexpectedly hugged from behind – in the unlikeliest of places. As she folds the laundry, cleans the dishes – hug her. It’s priceless.

The random texts

Fancy this: You are in the middle of a lengthy, boring boardroom meeting. The phone buzzes and the text reads: “Can’t wait to see you at dinner, my love. I got your favorite wine….” Texts work miracles – she’ll always be in love.


Everyone loves to feel good. Act normal, and, non-committal, say something nice about her morning outfit. If she likes make-up, you’d do well to wonder aloud why she does make up! Every lady wants to hear that she looks nice with or without make-up!

Silly laughter moments

Memes. Yes, memes. Share memes and silly clips on Whatsapp all day long. It’s silly, but it keeps you in her mind all day long. She can’t wait to get off work and see you!

Cards & sticky notes

Sticky notes on the fridge door, with an affectionate message – especially in cases when work schedule makes one leave the house before the other. Sometimes, remind you spouse of your love in a note on the dressing mirror. They’ll melt with pleasure. It’s romantic!

Offer to pay bills

In the event that you dine out, or spend some time in a social place, offer to clear the bill. It shows affection. Demand and be fussy about the bill.

Nowadays, it’s increasingly easier to deal with the bill. There’s a lot of cashless ways to clear bills when shopping, at fuel stations, restaurants or when travelling.

For instance, this Valentine’s Day season, Co-op Bank clients using their Co-op ATM’s do not incur any extra costs when paying for services using the card. When shopping for gifts at the mall, paying for dinner at restaurants, fuelling at fuel stations, Co-op ATM’s attract np extra charge.

In addition, Co-op Bank has negotiated various discounts for Valentine’s Day treat at various getaways across the country. To enjoy these discounts, clients need to book for their holidays using the Co-op ATM cards.

To view packages available with the Co-op discounts, click here.