Khaligraph’s secret source of multi-millions

When a lot of people think about Khaligraph, they see the OG as a rapper whom very few others want to mess with whether lyrically or otherwise. He is not only talented but a behemoth of a man, being both tall and muscle-bound.

Bora Pesa- Khaligraph Jones Shares His Point Of View On Curtain-Raising For International Artists

He burst onto the scene in a similar fashion to the way 50 Cent did, beefing with other established rappers. His target of choice, however, was singularly just Octopizzo. And my word, he let the man feel his lyrical wrath. And while Octopizzo too is a competent rapper, he was not interested in engaging in beef with Khaligraph, viewing him as small fry.

The OG however, used the little buzz he got from Octo and continued to release hit after hit and he eventually cemented himself within the collective Kenyan psyche for being not just a great lyricist but also a certified hit rapper. Nearly every song he released was a banger, a trend that continues to date.

Mulamwah’s Millions

He set up a studio to ensure he had full control over his creative process and it is called Blue Ink. But this is not about that venture as many people know about it, it is about the venture that grew from his other passion, he has a vehicle restoration garage, Omollo Customz.

It has a carwash and bodywork shop including but not limited to panel beating and paintwork (yup, even candy coating). Besides him always having a passion for vehicles, I am guessing the carwash was motivated by the fact that he once had a carwash attendant crash his still newly acquired Subaru. This was back in 2015. He probably vowed never to have to be in the same situation ever again.

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