Mombasa, it’s about to go down!

Nairobi City was cold and wet when I pulled up to the SGR today. I guess it really isn’t saying anything new because you’ve been experiencing the same weather I have. The weekend is calling though, and I have decided I am not going to have to deal with more of the same dreary mornings.

So me and the entire clan decided to head to Coasto. And as always, Mombasa is the place where serious partying goes down. However, the train ride was long and dry -we couldn’t get any drinks onboard so we suffered parched throats.

As soon as we arrived, the first thing that was on our minds was where are we going to quench this thirst and turn all the way up. If you knew Mombasa back in the day, Mtwapa was the place to be but that is no longer the case. So now we had to look for the new place that is happening. And for that, we turned to the Yacht Lounge.

And we were not disappointed! Issa whole vibe! The energy is completely unmatched. We knew we were in for a treat but we had no idea by how much. The women there are absolute babes, the service is stellar.

Don’t believe me, check out the DJ they have playing today! Trust and believe I am making my way on down again for the Saturday Cruise.

And they don’t just have plans for Friday and Saturday. Every day is covered with an amazing theme and even Sunday is sorted with Sunday Brunches.