The Avocado Guy: How a fruit incident in high school gave birth to a lifetime nickname!

May 10, 2021 at 19:57
The Avocado Guy: How a fruit incident in high school gave birth to a lifetime nickname!

If you had to pick a fruit as a prop when making a proposal to the love of your life, what would you choose?

It has to be as closest to your personality as can be……

Watermelons define an ambiguous person. Cucumbers, well, someone is cold blooded. A strawberry, that’s a happy-go-lucky soul – always happy. A pine apple, that’s the icy sibling with a short fuse.

In my case, its the Avocado.

The avocado fruit, alias the guacamole, has been the sun around which my life orbits rotate. The seasons, the fall and rise of my tidal fortunes, and misfortunes. Oh, avocado, the poems she deserves.

(All prized objects are classified as a ‘She’, right? – jets, super bikes, yatchs, avocados…)

This fruit must have been rigged out in the stories on the foetal stages of man, cue the Garden of Eden. The apple is too bland.

Otherwise, the survival of college students would be on the apple, but it isn’t. Its the eternal avocado.

I can’t help it, but I cringe everytime I meet a former classmate. The avocado is to blame.

Luckily, most are self-absorbed with the caste questions: What do you do nowadays? They want to know how much respect you deserve.

Occasionally, I meet the loudmouths, the former bullies. I’ve had a fellow whose name I couldn’t place (he was in Form 4S, I was in 4N) bawl my name across an empty banking hall.

Well, not my name exactly, but my high school nick name.


This guy remembers our first day, that the hallowed fruit allowed me to share her name.

It’s a she, we agreed.

The school had a central square on which we naively lined up with our boxes, for check in.

The square commanded a higher ground than the row of classrooms. The senior students spent most of the time making faces at us from the windows.

My turn came, and I popped open the overstuffed metal box.

Alas, and behold, a batch of avocados (a group can be called a batch, right?) tumble out!

Worse still, the fruits tumble the entire length of the raised square, down to the row of classrooms.

I later heard a boy was almost trumpled to death in the mini-stampede as students scrambled for them.

I became The Avocado Guy.

A week later, I receive a letter from my younger brother:

*Bro, hope uli manage kuuza ile Avo coz mi huskia wasee huchukua pocket money ya mono zote…..

I could strangle the little devil!

But he was right – later that night we lost most of our pocket money!

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Avocado, anyone?


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