The thriftiest business: Making millions na luku kali kali

June 28, 2022 at 20:46
The thriftiest business: Making millions na luku kali kali

It goes without saying that Nairobians love to look good. That is why songs are sung about how fresh one’s drip is. It’s also why people like Nairobi West Nicur have been making a killing off threads. And you can jump right in and use his gameplan to make mad money.

Previously, we had spoken about his example; he has found a way to leverage his huge social media audience to sell his clothes but how do yu grow to his level? That’s what we are looking at today and looking to demystify that.

Well, apart from having to grow your social media audience, you also can find a way to get clothes from China and other markets. A simple way of doing this would actually be for you to move your focus to Gikosh. Why Gikomba you ask? Because 2nd hand clothes or Thrifting as the cool kids call it has never been as popular as it currently is.

And there is an opportunity to brand yourself as the go to “thrift stylist”. We all know that Gikomba always has more than enough gems right? Well, one way of taking advantage of this would be for you to get to know a broker. Networking is the uptown way to describe what I am referring to. Let’s face it, most of us would not have the time or drive to get to Gikosh at 5 AM as the bales land so why not get acquainted with a broker who can get you the best of what has landed?

From there, you can actually use IG as an online stall. Sort out the best shoes, the best jeans and shirts and then you post them on your page and grow your clientele from there. But what if you get to the point where you need a brick-and-mortar shop? When you decide that you need to expand to having a physical shop, there is a partner you can work with: I am talking about Mco-op Cash.


MCo-op Cash is a mobile banking service which enables you to access a variety of banking, money transfer and payment services.

All you need is an ID card and a registered mobile phone number; it doesn’t matter which mobile phone network you are on. You may register for the service by dialing *667# on your mobile phone or download the app from the Play Store or App Store. Follow the menu and receive an SMS confirming registration.

For pin registration, you can also reach out to us by calling 0703 027 000, 020 277 6000

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