Thinking of making merry in the village? You can help build local businesses by shopping locally!

December 11, 2020 at 00:05
Thinking of making merry in the village? You can help build local businesses by shopping locally!

This festive season, a lot of changes are bound to happen.

The ravaging global pandemic hasn’t been kind on so many fronts. The social aspect has been chucked out of the window. There won’t be much clubbing, or hanging out.

Travel options are limited. In any case, the economy is still trying to regain foothold, with many corporates and businesses operating on a breadline budget.

However, one option remains open, and many folks are sure to embrace it – the annual festive season pilgrimage to the rural village.

Well, urban dwellers have this dubious reputation.

After spending an entire year unapologetically snubbing the village, city dwellers pick the festive season to swoop down in droves to atone for their absence. To their credit, they do in pomp and style.

There’s the trademark mall-branded shopping bags from the city. In the village, these shopping bags are usually a fashion-statement.

The bags are laden with the usual household goods – a few packets of maize and wheat flour, a can of cooking oil, perhaps a pack or two of the popular Pishori rice… It gets boring pretty fast!

The adventurous urban will throw in a pizza or a couple of hamburgers to confuse their cousins in the village.

Now, here comes the twist.

Once the festive holidays comes to a close, the urban dwellers return to the city laden with twice or thrice the bounty they brought! Yes, it’s a trending joke, but it’s real!

All this is acceptable, after all, home is always best. And, this is what defines best.

What’s mildly not acceptable this year, is shopping in the city for basic household goods, hundreds of kilometers from the village.

I mean, this is the time to build your village. Bring the money to the village. Help support the hustle of your kin trying to make ends meet with businesses in the local market center.

Make a difference in your village with a much-needed influx of income into local businesses. After all, the maize flour on shelves in city malls is the same flour on display at your neighbor’s kiosk. Boost them, they’ll appreciate your presence more.

To enable this, banking is now available on a grassroots level.

Co-op Bank has established a unique grass root banking experience through its Co-op Kwa Jirani model that mirrors banking in conventional banking halls.

At Co-op Kwa Jirani, one can make instant cash withdrawals and deposits from Co-op Bank account, SACCO Account or Fethalink.

It also allows easy funds transfers.

Co-op Kwa Jirani is a convenient and simple banking model that suits your lifestyle and greatly avails convenience.

This festive season, access banking services at your local Co-op Kwa Jirani outlet – and boost your neighbor’s business by shopping locally!

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