What’s the definite Must-Have’s for a memorable road trip with your gang?

December 15, 2020 at 01:13
What’s the definite Must-Have’s for a memorable road trip with your gang?

Well, road trips are fun for their exploratory nature. A well-planned road trip with a tight circle of friends can be the highlight of the year.

A road trip has a definite ultimate destination in mind, but there may be numerous side trips or unplanned activities along the way. The magic lies in the spontaneity of it.

Make good choice of friends for a road trip – your joy depends on it.

Plan for the essentials.

Essential car tools and accessories, like spare tires, equipped tool boxes with jump cables, tow cables, gas cans, triangle reflectors, et al. It pays off if a member of the gang possesses basic motoring skills.

Travel first aid kit with bandages, burn cream, tweezers, gauze & medical tape, antihistamine, pain relief medicine.

Comfortable backpack capable of holding water bottle, snacks, camera, or other incidentals.

Lots of good music – or whatever favorite past time your gang likes – some may like audio books, podcasts, et al.

A tent, sleeping bag and pad so when you’re driving by somewhere super beautiful you can just pull over and pitch your tent, making the best portable home wherever you find it! Means saving money to be used in booking hotels!

A cooler with lots of drinks – however, in case of alcoholic drinks, be sure to have a designated driver at any point of the road trip – in turns.

Enough bottled drinking water, healthy snacks for the road (granola bars, fruit, nuts, shake mixes) as you don’t want to rely on only junk or roadside fast food.

Quality electronic device car chargers for smart phones, laptops, tablets, etc. as well as headphones for individual listening.

Maps – like, printed maps – not just digital maps, as sometimes devices may go off, or get reset.

Sunglasses, for comfort in case of glair – or for sheer ooze and pomp. Glasses are stylish.

Casual clothing and layered clothing like tees, sweatshirts, rain slicker, and warm jacket if traveling to cold temperature destinations.

Perhaps, the biggest factor lies in the cost factor. A lot of times, road trip groups usually save up for the trip in a central account. It may even take a year or so.

On the duration of the trip, carry along only the essential amount in liquid cash – as protection for hazards of the road – like, robberies. A little cash comes in handy, too, if your car ends up in a ditch and a homely neighbor needs to tow you out with his tractor!

The bulk of the trip savings, though, has to be in a safe place, and yet within reach in times of need.

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