Why do men patronize the car wash as the ladies stick to the hair salons?

The car wash with an outdoor sitting set up is the modern masculine version of the ladies’ favorite hang out spot, the salon.

This brings to light the fundamental difference between the genders is that Sons of Adam easily compartmentalise their issues, unlike the ladies.

Ladies want a safe space to talk about their issues – love life, mother-in-law tribulations, kids….

Gentlemen want a safe space to think and worship their objects of desire.

That’s the reason the salon has the chatter reputation and energy of a busy newsroom. On the other hand, the car wash is largely cool.

A man parks in line, joins a gang on a table outdoors, asks for a drink. He’ll sit facing the cars getting the spray on the ramp.

A man makes new acquaintances at the car wash, valuable networking. But, first, usually by expressing adoration for some funky ride. Random questions will tumble out.

“Who does your paint work, man? He’s good”

“That scratch on the rear door? The kid from next door?” They’ll laugh a little.

“I don’t care if it costs me a kidney, but I’ll have to get that new Subaru Forester…..how long have you had it?”

Men won’t talk about their mothers-in-laws. Or, their demanding spouses. Or, the dishonest farm hand. They are not here for therapy.

The talk lingers on engine ratings, shocking petrol prices, conniving mechanics, and the hottest graffiti artist in town.

The biggest deal as an hang out spot is the networking angle. All sort of professionals will be trading banter here – lawyers, journalists, insurance agents, medics, street artists, name it.

It’s a blessing to own a ride, and besides the major opportunities it affords one – there’s lots of other benefits when you join the motoring fraternity.

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