Why do they always get hotter after a break up? Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu’s ex girlfriend shows off her sexy side

I’m guessing if it was meant to be Willis Raburu and Sally Mbilu would now be husband and wife, but relationships are not so easy to deal with and this is why the two called off their engagement months after dating.

But at that time Raburu had already purchased an engagement ring worth Ksh 100,000 and from how he was acting, the fella was ready to settle down. However, it was confirmed that the two had split in January 2016 and they both moved on with their lives.

Willis Raburu from then started keeping a low profile on his personal life and so did Sally Mbilu. Now that we are in 2017, the lass has now come back with a bang and boy does she look fine…I mean fine! Thanks to her social media pages some of her new photos have confirmed that she is not what she used to be.

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The lady looks hotter than your average news anchor and from how she now dresses, indeed the break up might have done her some justice. And unlike before she is more stylish and must admit that the weight gain is totally making her look better. Anyway checkout her new photos below:

Video emerges showing DJ Joe Mfalme being roughed up by cops: “Ata mimi niko kazi huwezi nichapa”

It’s quite sad that DJ Joe Mfalme got arrested for Noise pollution while performing at popular club in Hurlingham. According to reports the DJ and is team had a rough night moments after the police showed up to shut them down for making too much noise for the neighboring estates.

The video, released Shows Joe Mfalme being roughed up to the police car as he tried to resist saying he was just doing his job. Though the video is not so clear one cannot help but hear Joe defending himself from one police man who might have hit him…. huwezi nichapa Joe is heard saying.

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The incident happened on Friday night and unfortunately the award winning DJ got to spend one hour in police custody before the clubs management came to his rescue. This is however not the first time the Police are shuttting down a club in Hurlingham for noise pollution.

DJ Joe Mfalme
DJ Joe Mfalme and his team

Anyway, the violent footage has now been brought to light and Kenyans on social media have come out to bash the police for mishandling innocent people while they are at clubs. DJ Joe on the other hand revealed that his gig was successful despite the commotion.

Nick Mutuma reveals why he would not shy away from giving his 16-year-old brother condoms

We are now living in a generation where children from the age of 8 years know what sex is. Therefore, it is not a suprise that Nick Mutuma actually gives his small brother condoms or rather contraceptives when he needs them, something that has left many questioning him.

However, Nick Mutuma is actually being real and just like any wise brother he wouldn’t want his younger one’s to get lost because many people want to admit that young children are now sexually active.
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He revealed this during the premier of MTV’s drama series, Shuga in Nairobi where he opened up about the importance accepting that sex is no longer a topic to shy away from. And since he wouldn’t want his brother to be a father at 16 years, then he makes sure that he is always set just in case he id caught up in a compromising situation.

I have a 16 year old brother though and though we have that conversation all the time…and I just give him…and i’m like please be safe

When asked whether he would do the same if he had a 13 year old sister, the actor was confident to say yes, though he admitted that it wouldn’t be a good picture to imagine his younger sister engaging in sex.

Anyway, he is the only Kenyan actor who got to feature in Shuga season 5 and as usual, he made sure his swag and acting skills were impressing.

Singer Sage Chemutai celebrates her daughter’s birthday with a moving message

King kaka’s baby mama singer Sage Chemutai could not hide her joy when her daughter turned 3 years just recently. She joined the list of friends sending her baby girl, Ayanna beautiful messages as she celebrated her special day.

Through her Instagram page Sage poured out her heart to baby Ayanna describing her as the love of her life and the best thing that has ever happened to her. Sage went on to add that she calls her ‘Nathan’ something that has left me wondering what she meant. She shared the post below to celebrate the little girl.

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King Kaka on the other hand did not hold back as he shared a special message for his first born before revealing he bought her a cute bicycle as her first ride at the age of three. He wrote to say,

“I am The Happiest Man in The World Today. Just the other day you were born, crawled, started walking , Today as you turn 3 I want you to ride but Pray to God so that when you fly I will be the 1st witness, and I mean let nothing stop you. I love you and Happy Birthday to My 1st Born Daughter Ayanna.”

King of rap Khaligraph Jones shows off his classy music studio

Khaligraph Jones is not only the king of rap but an artist who has managed to penetrate the music industry at an amazing pace creating a gap between him and other hip-hop rappers in Africa.

So far he has achieved a lot and judging from his progress, he still has a long way to go if indeed he plans to compete with the likes of Cassper who are known for their ‘bars’.

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Anyway, seems that the rapper is now investing his money into other things as he recently revealed that he now has a recording studio dubbed Blu Ink Corps which has an office space set aside for matters concerning music and other deals.

Finally done with the studio and Office, a lot of hardships and setbacks along the way But God has always been on our side. More info on the location and how to make Bookings later

He launched the studio about a week ago at a secret event that saw his close friends come together to check it out. We however don’t know where the new office and studio is located but the fella has promised to let his fans know soon.

Checkout photos of the studio and office below:

After gifting his girlfriend with a Mercedes Benz, businessman Steve Oduk spends 1 million on her baby shower

Businessman Steve Oduk has been the talk of town since he shared photos from his girlfriend’s baby shower that went down this past weekend.

For those who don’t remember him, Steve Oduk is the man who spent 2.5 Million shillings on his girlfriend’s, Bambi, lavish birthday party last year.

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On Valentines day, he went ahead to gift his girlfriend and soon-to-be baby mama with a new Mercedes Benz and now word has it that he spent about 1 million on the lady’s baby shower attracting their close friends and relatives who also happen to be in the same social circle.

The likes of Paul Kobia, Jared Otieno, Ben Kangangi, Erskine Kiliru, Daniel Peter Weke Capital and close friend Joe Muchiri were among those who were invited to the private baby shower that was kept on a low profile until it came.

The mum to be slayed in a white dress that showed off her grown baby bump, as she accessorized her entire look with a crown giving her a princess like look. Below is a footage from the party.

Bambi's baby shower
Bambi’s baby shower

After Dela, could this be Timmy Tdat’s new catch? Checkout how he was digging his tongue in her mouth

Timmy Tdat is one artist who enjoys ridding on ‘kiki’ controversial stories before he drops a new song or just to make sure he stays relevant by keeping bloggers and social media talking.Anyway, enough of that.

So, I have reasons to believe that he is no longer ‘dating’ Dela or rather that his relationship did not last for long kama kawaida. I am saying this because yesterday (27th March) I got to see him lock lips with a certain air hostess, thanks to his Whatsapp status stories.

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Timmy Tdat and an unknown airhostess
Timmy Tdat and an unknown airhostess

Judging from how he was digging his tongue into her mouth, I can honestly say that he was caught in the moment. And as protocol I had to call him up to see whether he would spill some details about this air-hostess. However we did not talk much as he claimed to be in a noisy place moments after i mentioned why I had called him up.

Before hanging up the artist hit me up with “Uko sure ni mimi niko kwa hiyo video? Na ukona hiyo video? wacha nikupigie”  Well what did he expect? I mean this is Ghafla…anyway I just managed to get screenshots that confirm that he was indeed enjoying the moment with the air-hostess.

So I waited for his call for two hours  before I decided to call him again but unfortunately my call went unanswered. Anyway checkout the photos below:

Timmy Tdat and an unknown airhostess
Timmy Tdat and an unknown airhostess
Timmy Tdat and an unknown airhostess
Timmy Tdat and an unknown airhostess

“Watalia hawa watu wakulialia” Is this Willy Paul taking shots at Bahati?

Willy Paul apparently still isn’t over his longtime feud with singer Bahati, as he recently posted something that implies he was taking shots at his arch enemy during his studio session with Creme dela Creme.

The two are the most popular gospel artists of this generation and have hanged out together, appeared on each other’s Instagram pages, and even exchanged shout-outs in interviews. But it seems that the same things that have brought them together tore them apart.

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Bahati and Willy Paul reignite their beef

Over the past three years, Willy Paul and Bahati have engaged in a game of cat and mouse in an attempt to outsmart, outwit, and outplay each other as they compete for gospel music industry’s throne. With Bahati dropping new projects and Willy Paul doing the same as they try to get social media talking.

Well, after dropping I do with Alaine…Willy Paul is now in the studio with DJ Creme as he plans to drop a new jam. However, what caught my attention is the comment Pozee left under a photo shared by Creme dela Creme. The singer wrote to say

Watalia hawa watu wakulialia.. @thecremedelacreme

Willy Paul's comments he is taking shots at Bahati
Willy Paul’s comments he is taking shots at Bahati

So my question is…Is Willy Paul firing Subliminal shots at Bahati since he is the only artist popularly known for always crying? You be the judge.

Move over Prezzo! Diamond Platnumz flaunts his diamond rings and gold chains that cost him a whooping Ksh 7.3 million

Prezzo has always been the king of bling-bling. There is no day that passes and he is not spotted wearing a gold chain, bracelet and ring. In East Africa, he was recognized as the one of the artists who rock expensive jewelry until just recently when Diamond Platnumz paraded his babies on social media.

Prezzo's bling bling
Prezzo’s bling bling

According to Diamond Platnumz he spent $72,000 to get his gold chains and his rings that have Diamonds (like his name). He paraded his jewelry on social media leaving fans shocked and admiring his collection which he accompanied with a brief caption thanking God for enabling him to buy expensive jewelry blessing him.

Diamond Platnumz chain
Diamond Platnumz chain

Thanks God for my new GOLD & DIAMONDS collection…i never thought i would be able to hang 50,000$ on my neck…

He went on to post another picture parading his rings and bracelets that cost him $22,000 and judging from the caption he was ‘afraid’ his manager would question him for having blown all that money to purchase his new babies. He wrote to say,

Thanks God for your daily blessings never thought i would be able to walk with 22,000 $ on my Hand!!!… jus get inspired @sallam_sk don’t hate!!!

Diamond Platnumz rings and bracelet
Diamond Platnumz rings and bracelet

Planning for baby number two? DJ Mo and Size 8 evict their daughter from their room to her new princess like bedroom

Ladashabelle is now old enough to move into her own room and her parents are ensuring that she does this as soon as possible. Thanks to Size 8’s social media pages we now know this through their new YouTube station that updates their fans on #TheMurayas Vlog.

According to Size 8 it has taken them about a year and some months to evict their daughter from their room as they were not ready to give their daughter her own room as they were scared of letting her sleep alone. This is because she was born prematurely. Through the Vblog Size said…

I have not been using my babies room…to be honest this is because she was born prematurely. he was 1.7kgs when we brought her home. me and my husband were so scared to let her sleep in the room alone. She was sleeping in our room.

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Well, any mum in her shoes would have done the same but now that the little girl is all grown up and is leaening to talk she feels that it’s time she got her own room. The gospel singer went on to add that,

But it is about time for her to fly to fly away from the parents and get her own room away from the parents room. She is fully grown, yeah….you never know maybe we may get baby number two.

Though it sounds like a joke, could be that Size 8 and her hubby are now trying to get pregnant. We all know that it took them a while before they got their first born.

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Anyway, speaking to DJ Mo on phone he confirmed that they were indeed in the process of decorating their baby’s room. When asked how much it cost, DJ Mo said he would have to wait until the room is done to know how much he spent.

Below are a few photos of the room.

Ladashabelle's room
Ladashabelle’s room
Ladashabelle's room
Ladashabelle’s room
Ladashabelle's room
Ladashabelle’s room

Meet the video vixen giving men sleepless nights after she was featured on Otile Brown’s latest project

Otile Brown’s new video has been getting a lot of views and most people seem to be praising it and I bet it has something to do with the video vixen he featured on Yule Mbaya.

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Thanks to social media I managed to get some information about the lass and she goes by the name of Sandra Giovinazzo. Sandra is a Model and a Makeup Artist and no she is not from the coast but is a mix-breed of an Italian and a Tanzanian.

Just like she appeared on Yule Mbaya, the lass is really hot and yes she has the petite body most models have. Anyway below are a few photos of the beautiful lady driving many men in town crazy.

Man caught on camera ogling Wahu’s ‘assets’

Kama ni team mafisi huyu amequalify! There is a photo making rounds on social media of a man looking at Wahu’s assets as she walks away unaware that someone was busy giving her the “I want” look.

The photo was taken during the Two Rivers Mall launch and judging from how Wahu was dressed I can’t help but wonder what was going on in the man’s mind. The mother of two was in a crop top and jeans which she accessorized with thigh high boots bringing out her sexy side.

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Anyway…back to the team mafisi member! We are not sure who he is but judging from the comments left under the photo, seems that he is known by many and according to one comment the guy goes by the name of Andrea addiction who is the ‘senior pastor ‘ at 1824’s Sunday school session.

Well, if you thought that being married would stop another man from checking out your woman, then you are wrong. Checkout the hilarious photo below.

Checkout the guy ogling wahu
Checkout the guy ogling wahu

Michelle Yola finally gets rid of that ‘one thing’ connecting her with ex, Prezzo…and no it’s not a baby!

So their break up was not another stunt! Seems things are serious as Michelle Yola recently got rid of the Prezzo tattoo a few months after she got it as a symbol of her love for her ex fiance, Prezzo.

The Nairobi Diaries star had earlier revealed that she wanted to get rid of the tattoo now that she was no longer seeing the rapper.

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However, as advised by a popular tattoo artist, Michelle Yola just needed to have the tattoo covered instead of using the lazer removal process that leaves a scar behind…and I hear is very painful.

Prezzo and Yola tatoos
Prezzo and Yola tatoos

Well, now Michelle Yola no longer walks around with Prezzo’s name on her hand as she had wished before. I am not sure whether this means the two will no longer getting back with their on and off relationship but one cannot be too sure that they have called it quits for good this time around.

Anyway, Prezzo has not said anything about this or whether he is planning to do the same but we shall keep you posted.

Huddah Monroe in Beverly Hills to have her breast fixed by popular cosmetic plastic surgeons

Huddah Monroe is currently enjoying her stay in Beverly Hills where she visited to get one of her boobs fixed as revealed on her social media handles.

This time around she made sure to grace Beverly Hills which is known for it’s beauty and celebrities, being one of the hottest and I must add expensive socialites in Africa, Huddah paid a visit to Dr. Eugene Kim and Dr. David Kim’s plastic surgery hospital to have one of her implants replaced…maybe to have her breasts look the same.

Vera Sidika

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Therefore it only makes sense why Huddah wanted to associate herself with this popular destination for cosmetic plastic surgery. Anyway she did not reveal how much she spent on the procedure but from the photo she shared we believe that she visited the Beverly Hills Plastic surgery which is among the popular plastic surgery hospitals.

This comes a few days after her archenemy Vera Sidika came out to reveal how much she regrets having had her breasts done in the past.

These two women have however been putting a lot of pressure on young girls who look up to them yet they cannot afford the lives these two are living. Anyway checkout Huddah’s post.

Huddah in Beverly Hills
Huddah in Beverly Hills

“I’m not responsible for her pregnancy” Sleepy David tells fans who flooded his page to congratulate him moments after sharing Awinja’s baby bump photo

For some reason many people still think that comedian Sleepy David knocked up actress Jacky Vike, something that he has come to openly deny. On Friday the fella shared Jacky Vike aka Awinja photo to congratulate her for finally revealing she was expecting her first child.

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The post however received different and I must add funny comments from fans who were certain that sleepy was responsible for her pregnancy. Finally sleepy you’re a daddy?Congratulation to both of you one fan wrote to say.

Awinja aka Jacky Vike
Awinja aka Jacky Vike

Though he did not respond to any of the posts, I reached out to him to find out whether he was aware that the world was congratulating him for getting Jacky pregnant. He was however cool and calm as he explained that the two were just friends and that he respects Jacky Vike’s relationship.

Anyway,  there you have it! Sleepy is not the father to Jacky Vike’s unborn baby and as we revealed last week, the lass and her man held a traditional wedding sometime last year; therefore Awinja is somebody’s wife and fortunately it’s not sleepy.

Checkout the comments in the post below:

This is soo beautiful @jackyvike

A post shared by Sleepy David (@sleepydavid) on Mar 24, 2017 at 6:56am PDT

Thirsty much? Bridget Achieng reveals the Sauti Sol member she has always wanted to smash

Bridget Achieng has revealed her celebrity crush and the man she would have loved to settle down with in another life, if given that chance.

Speaking to Ghafla the Nairobi Diaries star revealed that she has always eyed Bien from Sauti Sol and just like most women, the lass feels that he has this ‘drive’ that keeps women on their toes.

The lady went on to say that he looks like a man who has good bedroom skills and this is why she has always wanted him.

Sauti sol's Bien
Sauti sol’s Bien

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She is however not the first woman to thirst over Bien Aime. For a while now many women have been drooling over this fella not caring that he has a girlfriend and now i hear two baby mamas.

John-Allan Namu with his wife
John-Allan Namu with his wife

Anyway, when it came to settling down Bridget Achieng mentioned that she would have chosen John-Allan Namu but since he is off the shelf, all she can do is admire his characteristics on the side. Checkout the full interview below.



After her husband chopped off her hands for being ‘barren’ Jackline Mwende welcomes a bouncing baby boy!

Jackline Mwende and her ex husband had been trying to get a baby for the longest time but things were not working out for them. This made things hard for the two to a point where the ex husband decided to chop off her hands and scarred her face for being barren.

But finally after all the misfortune, the 28-year old lady from Machakos is now a mother to healthy bouncing baby boy that has completely changed her life. There were rumors making round yesterday saying that she had delivered however the new was confirmed today that Mwende is indeed now a mother.

Jackline Mwende
Jackline Mwende

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Mwende welcomed her son at Machakos Level 5 Hospital on Monday, March 20, after she was transferred from Masii Level 3 Hospital where they could not offer the C-section procedure.

She has however not spoken to any reporters since she delivered. She has since moved back to her house after being discharged and we are hoping that she will soon unveil her son despite wanting to keep her private life on the low now that she is a mother.

Congratulatory messages are now in order for the new mum!

“We had a traditional wedding” Awinja aka Jacky Vike opens up about her man

Jacky Vike’s pregnancy announcement came as a surprise and many are still shocked that the petite lass is expecting her first child.

For the longest time she has been keeping her private life on the lo,  but after sharing photos to show off her baby bump we all got interested in finding out who she was dating and whether she was married on the low.

Anyway, in a recent interview with the actress revealed that she has been dating her man for 5 years and just like any other couple they have their ups and downs they have managed so far.

She went on to reveal that they even live together and that they held a traditional wedding last years which automatically makes her his wife.

Awinja aka Jacky Vike
Awinja aka Jacky Vike

“Our relationship is official and our families are in the picture as we are considered married since we performed the traditional marriage. We had a small family and friends event where all this took place. About a Church wedding, that might have to wait a bit as we are using the finances we have on other developments,”

She is however not ready to introduce the fella to her social media friends, just to ensure that her life remains private like before.

When asked why she took long to reveal that she was pregnant, the lady was quick to say that her mum had asked her to keep it private and just like any obedient child, she followed her mum’s advice. But she felt the need to announce it after it got at 6 months since she could not hide it anymore.

“It is not that I was hiding but the truth is that my mother did not want me to go loud about the pregnancy. My mother is the old-school type and with this, I only revealed this to a few people like Naomi Ng’ang’a who is my designer. I mean, could I even hide this from the person who tailors my clothes.

Anyway, she is yet to reveal her soon to be baby’s gender which she promised to do come April.

Why did Willy Paul meet Diamond Platnumz? The Gospel artist finally spills the juicy details

When Bahati revealed that he was to release a collabo with Rayvanny, we all thought Willy Paul was going to choke on his pride however, what many didn’t know is that he had even bigger plans for his career.

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He did not just jet into Tanzania to promote his latest song I do which he featured Jamaican singer Aliane, but he had plans to link up with Diamond Platnumz to see whether they would work on a project together and speaking to Pulse Willy Paul hinted that there was something cooking in the kitchen!

“We talked about a number of things and one of them was how we can work together as artistes, including releasing collabos.”

He however did not say the to much about the topic as he went on to remind Pulse that his trip to Tanzania was to help him promote his latest project and meeting Diamond Platnumz was just a by the way.

“Remember this was a tour to launch I Do in Tanzania and the Diamond courtesy call is just one of the projects I had in my plan.”

So is he releasing something new with Dee?

“Please avoid free gifts from men like drinks and lifts” Akothee warns her lovely daughters

Akothee is not one to shy off from telling her daughters the risks of life and the consequences of their actions. She says it like it is!

Lately, she has been parading her girls on social media. And now that they are becoming popular she has come off to tell them that they should avoid getting free things free things from men since at the end of the day they will end up paying for it one way or another.

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In a detailed post shared under one of her daughter’s picture the lady wrote:

“Take this keys for this toy. (It is) from the bottom of my heart. For sure you can afford to fuel and service it from the salary I pay you for taking care of your siblings. “Please avoid free gifts from men; like free drinks and lifts. A man never gives anything for free and if they do, they have a tendency of coming back for them in one way or the other.”

There is no doubt that Akothee protects her baby girls as she understands the world better. She has had it both rough and smooth in her life and this is why she chooses to protect her girls!

Comedian Oga Obinna welcomes a bouncing baby girl!

Comedian Oga Obinna is now a father to a bouncing baby girl as revealed on his social media pages. The popular media personality announced this a few days ago confirming that his forth born was finally here.

Lately the fella has been keeping a low profile but seems that he could not help but announce that his spouse had delivered a baby girl by the name of Damilola….what a name!

Obinna's new born
Obinna’s new born

Though he did not share any of her photos, I managed to come across a few photos of his baby mama, Lilian, rocking her baby bump a few days before she delivered. To my surprise Obinna had also thrown a baby shower for his woman and judging from the color everyone was dressed in (blue) could be that the couple thought they were expecting a baby boy.

Obinna throws his baby mama a baby shower
Obinna throws his baby mama a baby shower

Anyway, through his Instagram page, Obinna wrote to say…

Alubarika is all I See!! Jah Jah blessed Me!!💯😍❤ 3.5KG baby Girl.

We are yet to get photos of his new bundle of joy but all we can say for now is congratulations to the new parents in time.

Obinna's spouse rocking her baby bump
Obinna’s spouse rocking her baby bump

All grown up! DJ Soxxy shares adorable photos of his children spending time together

It has been a while since we heard from Jackson Kamau aka DJ Soxxy…but thanks to his social media, we can keep up with the fella and is family.

So recently I decided to go through his Instagram hoping to bump into something interesting and as usual, of course I did. Do you remember the last time you saw his kids? Well,now they are grown and his last born, Ethan, is now learning how to walk and he is slowly taking after his mother.

DJ Soxxy's kids hanging out with their auntie
DJ Soxxy’s kids hanging out with their auntie

His first born, Eliana, a lovely young lady has alrealdy joined preschool but when she is home the little girl helps her parents watch over her small brother who will soon be turning 1 year.

Anyway, the photo i managed to get Eliana is seen cuddling up with Ethan and if I am not wrong, the two were playing before the photo was captured by their mum or day. Well, if you haven’t seen how big they have grown, then checkout their adorable photo below:

DJ Soxxy's kids hanging out
DJ Soxxy’s kids hanging out


Comedian Dr Ofweneke jets out a few days after he was caught on camera drunk

Dr Ofweneke has been having it rough for the past few weeks but he is not letting his problems stop him from achieving better things in life. He recently revealed that he was jetting out of the country to an unknown destination and as always he captioned the photo talking about how God was blessing him.

When God opens even greater doors!🙌🙌🙌🙌

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This however left many wondering where he stands as he was recently caught on camera drunk to a level that he wasn’t able to walk by himself. The video contradicted what he preaches on his social media pages making one wonder whether he is in the business of making money like the likes of pastor Kanyari.

Anyway, the comedian has not said anything about the video that was shared by a popular local new out let. but what many believe is that he was under a lot of pressure after his wife came out to reveal that she had walked out on him since he was abusing her.

Even with the challenges, the MC and comedian is still carrying on with his usual activities and from his Instagram the fella will be attendig the Luo festival that will go down in Mombasa in April.

Anyway, so where did he jet off to? Well who knows, maybe he needed sometime alone.

When God opens even greater doors!🙌🙌🙌🙌 bag is by @jagari_designs

A post shared by B.E.T Awards Host (@drofweneke) on Mar 21, 2017 at 12:18am PDT

“Stop using A list artists as opening acts for B list ‘Intl’ artists!” Victoria Kimani demands Kenyan Art to be appreciated

Victoria Kimani has finally addressed an issue that has been eating many Kenyan artists for years now. Most of them have had to struggle with being given petty money to perform as opening acts for foreign artists especially Nigerians.

This issue has made many artists give up on their careers as they feel unappreciated by their own country which never gives them a chance to prove what they are really made of. In a detailed post, Victoria Kimani started off by saying…

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Riding around Nairobi, seeing billboards on top of billboards of these shows, why are none of us headlining? Why does it have to be this way… year after year after year…. we constantly place every other country, city, town above our own, Not every artist has the opportunities That A few of us have to leave Kenya and be seen on stages with that wide Africa reach, what the hell would I do if I didn’t have those opportunities,,,, I’d sit here and either throw my own concert (coming soon) …. or wait to be some so called’ opening act for less than ksh200K … while we watch them make $50,000 – $100,000 right in our face!

The singer went on to add that countries like Tanzania and Uganda appreciate their own artists and this is why they are becoming better than us, which is true. It is unfortunate that our own artists have to be treated like they don’t matter and when they make it everyone pretends to show much they are pretending.

Why can’t we learn from Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa and many more and be as excited to see ourselves as we are others?! And then get mad and wanna call me Nigerian because I am blessed to be booked there from time to time…: wow guys…. This self hate we got has to change pretty soon or we will keep loosing gems like Lupita who many of you literally chased away, then get mad if she acts brand new on you when she’s back home 😂 mannn all I’m saying is book us now before you can no longer afford us. Brands too…. use your local faces ! GIVE THE YOUTH A CHANCE…. don’t chase our Artistic dreams away!!…. you guys are sleeping on PICASSO AND MOZART ARE YOU STUPID!? 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪 #ForgiveMe #IamAnArtist #ImPassionateAboutMyShit #FreeKenyanArt #PayKenyanArt … so I and many others don’t have to keep leaving our HOME to make a normal living as an artiste

We have a long way to go if such mistakes will be rectified in order for our artists to feel they matter and what they do is appreciated.